A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


2. Juliet's Rules

Juliet's POV

"Who was that?" My brother asks as I get in his car. "Oh, that was Romeo Montaqu(I made a twist on the names). He is really nice, and in all my classes. Why?"

My brother slams on the breaks. "Montaqu? Father will be furious to know this. You should not be with such a......a...family!"

"Brother, you know nothing about his family, nor him." I wave my hand at him as we stop in our driveway. He jumps from the car and runs inside. I gather my things from the trunk. Father comes storming from the house "How dare you go and see that...that bastard!" he yells.

"Father, of whom do you speak?" I ask as I shoulder my bag.

"You were with a Montaqu! They are our enemy!"

"How? Why? They are good people, is that why we are at war? Because they are good?"

"No, because Montaqu took my business from me, and he turned my sister against me!"

"Wait. What? That is what happened to Aunt Carmella, she was dead to the family because she married a ex-partner of yours? Why do you fight them?" I stand tall, I refuse to be cowed by his anger. My cousin and brother and their friends stand off to the side, most likely thinking they have to teach Romeo a lesson. Not with breath in my body.

"Yes, and Juliet, as your father, I forbad you to see The Boy Montaqu. Capulete's do not mix with them. Now, go to your room and be a good girl, your mother will be home soon." He pushes me towards the house, I go but not willingly. He stands with my brother and cousin. They speak quietly, I hope Romeo has an army at his back.

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