A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


5. Emancipation

Her father stared at her. Romeo took a unsteady step forward and spoke quietly to Juliet for a moment.

*The Whispered Words*

"Juliet, stop and think."

"No! He has lied to me, and he has hit me and he had you beaten up! I can't go back to that bastard!"

"Yes, shh, Juliet, yes, you can. I have a plan, but it will only work if you go with it. I need you to return to your families home and become the matriarch I know you can be. I need you to lead, and hate me. I'm sorry, but their is a bigger picture."

Tears fell down her face. "Ok, but, why?"

He winked "Bigger picture, my sweet."

*The Short Conversation ends*

Romeo gives her a one armed hug since one arm was in a sling. She wipes her wet cheeks and walks back to her father.

She slaps him. He takes it. "That is for lying to me." She turns to the Capulete's up on the hill. To them she looks like an avenging angel, the moon was in the perfect position over her, it made her glow, and she rose her voice to tell them "If you want a truthful leader, I am such. If you want to be free, I am the one to see. If you want to get out from under his thumb, Then I am the leader you want!" She yelled the last words. The men on the hill cheered. On boy broke off of the group to spread the word.

She turned to her father and whispered "Father, you no longer own me or the men. I am the Queen of the Capulete family now. You are exiled!" She walked up the hill slowly, but stopped and turned to Montaqu. "Montaqu. We will talk, soon, but first let me take order of my dad's messed up court?"

Montaqu nodded. "Ok, will two weeks suffice? And, also, how about my son helps you? He seems able to give good advise." Juliet and Romeo were both shocked. A Montaqu and A Capulete working.....together?

Juliet nodded. "Yes, Romeo and I may work together to make my fathers court back to the old days."

The Deal was struck.

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