A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


4. A Message and A Meet

The runner stopped at the driveway to The Montaqu home. He slowly walked up the steps and knocked on the door. A thug answered. "Boss, a runner." Montaqu walks out to the porch with the scared boy. He looks him over. "Don't piss all over my porch, boy. Now, what dose Capulete want?"

The boy clears his throat. "Well, sir, he told me to tell you that he is willing to meet, at the park midnight. Tonight. Is that ok?" Montaqu raises his hand and the boy flinches. Montaqu strokes his day old stubble. "Ok, tell Capulete I'll be their. And bring his daughter, my son will be their." The boy nods and jumps off the porch and sprints from the Montaqu area.

"Go, and watch the park. Do not fight the Cap's, got it?" His thugs nod and 4 walk to the cars.

--Juliet's Home--

Juliet sits on the steps listing to her dad give orders to the boys. "Go to the park, keep an eye out for Montaqu, but do not talk to or fight them. Ok?" They nod and walk out. The runner had returned. Montaqu wanted her their, she didn't know why. He dad had told her to get ready, but it was a while before they went. Midnight, and she would see Romeo again.

--Midnight, The Park--

Both gangs are their. Romeo has bandages all over him, and he is covered with cuts and burses. The attackers were wearing steel-toed boots.

When Juliet saw Romeo she gasp and took a step forward. Her father stopped her. "Stay here." He told her. "No." She said and they walked forward together. The leaders stopped some feet from one another. Their children were their also.

Montaqu spoke first.

"Why did you have my son attacked?"

"Because he was with my daughter." Montaqu rolls his eyes

"He did not know at the time, he never knew about our......feud. So, what was the real reason?"

"She has a fiancé, that is why, and I didn't want him getting the wrong idea." Capulete smiles, it is forced. He doesn't want his daughter here.

"WHAT!?" She screeches. Montaqu laughs. "When was I going to be told I have a fucking fiancé!?"

"Watch your language, young lady." He says calmly.

"No, I will watch my fucking language when you fucking tell me!!!"

He sighs "Later, it is an arranged marriage." She sets her face, and a steel enters her eyes.

"Dad, you have done something so.....so...unbelievable. This, dad, this, is the last and final straw. I can't handle this. I'm leaving." She walks away, right into the Montaqu family.

"NO! Juliet, get back here! You can't leave."

Tears are running down her face, she turns "Yes, I can, you don't own me! I am my own person. I refuse to deal with you anymore!"

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