A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


6. A Difficulty

Juliet's POV

I look at my fathers meeting room, wait, no, it is mine now. I sigh and walk to the head of the table, Romeo fallowing slowly. All the 'generals' are their. I sent out messengers.

I sit at the head of the table. "Romeo, stand off to my right." I tell him quietly. The men at the table are all trying to talk over one another. "SILENCE!" I yell, they all turn to me.


 "Thank you. Now, first order of business, I exiled my father. You  all will have the freedom to rule your territory as you please but first, some ground rules..."


I glance at Romeo and then look around the room.


 "If their is an altercation with a Montaqu, or between yourselves, bring it to me. A small tax will be paid to me, I will determine that later. Also, If their is an altercation with a Montaqu the offender will be punished severely, and so will you. I don't care if they egged them on, leave them alone. I am making a treaty with Montaqu in a few weeks, Romeo, his son, is here to make sure I do not go back on my word." I finish and meet all their eye's.


 "Any and all problems will be brought to me starting tomorrow at any time. That is all, you are all dismissed."

They all leave and I let out a breath, I turn to Romeo. He leans down and kisses me. "You did good, now lets hope we can keep it under control, eh?"

I nod. "Well, we have until tomorrow." He smiles and sighs "To bad I'm injured."


That night, Romeo and Juliet share a room, nothing happens but the servants see them together and rumors start, also, a Capulete is attacked by a 'Montaqu'.


A man walks to the door of the Capulete house. He knocks. A maid answers "Um, may I see Juliet?" The maid looks him over, nods and leads him to a sitting room. She goes to get Juliet.

Juliet comes down the stairs with Romeo fallowing.

"What is the problem, sir?" Juliet asks and sits.

"Um, well, ma'am, one of my men was attacked last night by....a....well.." He looks at Romeo. "A Montaqu."

Juliet surges to her feet. "Stay here, please, Marry will get you refreshments. Romeo, come." She walks from the room, a light in her eyes. In the hall, out of hearing range, she slaps Romeo. "What is your father doing?"

Romeo shrugs. "He didn't do it."

"WHAT!" She shrieks.

"Well, last night my dad called me while you were sleeping. He told me that on his territory a man had been attacked by a guy dressed in Montaqu colors. My dad's guys picked him up, but before they could talk to him, he died. Suicide, pills. So, my dad wanted you to know that the man was not from his side. He was one of yours."

"Yeah, so, how do we know your dad isn't lying?" Romeo pulls out his phone. "My dad texted me a few pic of the guy, and a video of the attack." He passed his phone over.

Juliet swore. "Northern man, a Swinges. This is the last thing we need, they are trying to do this so that I don't go threw with the treedy. Well, let's play the player and fall n love, shall we?"


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