1. Idolisation.

Look up to him
the god that crowned you king
and survived many a war. 
Hide beneath his wing
of artillery and venom
as he beats them down. 
Is he really worthy
of that damned crown
when he yells
holds you responsible
for every signal of irresponsibility
he provides you? 
A false sense of security
lures you to vulnerability,
open to things such as
mixed emotions
the trampling of your feelings. 
The war of style
rages on behind you, 
but you're fixated on an ideal, 
a dream, nothing more. 
Recruited as a soldier,
you fight as a saviour
that needs saving. 
Claim they saved you,
made you
enabled you
created who you are, 
but they create the cause
you fight for. 
Ideals are different
in one mind to the next, 
they don't all think the same, 
but we all wish they did.
They'll lead you into flames, 
a storm of words and tongues
willing to break you. 
They'll tear at you, 
the idol you pictured
is nothing more than
a torn poster on your bedroom wall. 
Oblivious of your
incredible existence. 

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