My Naivety Towards Roses

A relationship is like a Rose,
How long it lasts, no one knows.
Love can erase an awful past,
Love can be yours, you'll see at last.
To feel that love, it make you sigh,
To have it leave, you'd rather die.
You hope you've found that special Rose,
'Cause you love and care for the one you choose.

What Rose am I?


2. Red Rose's


People say Rose's are red

A red Rose common to find,

Yet it speaks many words. 

To give away a red Rose,

It signifies your love.

But that is not always the truth.


A red Rose common to find,

Once spoke about respect and courage.

As time has gone by,

Another language has died. 

But that is not always the truth.


A red Rose constantly changing,

Such as the unity, romance and passion between someone and their lover.

Many will disagree with what has been said,

But that is always the truth.



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