Never Gonna Grow Up

We party, we fight. We're young and are never gonna grow up.


2. Chapter 1




      I shot up and ran to the bathroom, hearing footsteps behind me. I lifted up the toilet seat and started vomiting. "Wow, you must have drank a lot last night." Harry stated. "Yeah, I did." I said, stating the obvious. "Niall's having a party at his place tonight. Are you in?" "Obviously." I told him. He smirked. "Are you OK?" He asked me. "Yeah, I'm fine." I stated getting up and brushing my teeth, trying to get the vile taste out of my mouth. "Rachel!" Harry called from the kitchen. "Yeah?" "Niall want us and the boys to go early. El is going to be there to so you're not the only girl. Get ready because we're leaving in 30 minutes." "OK." I said, turning on the shower and getting a towel. I got in and did all of the necessary things. I turned of the water and got out. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body, before grabbing another to dry my hair. I went to my room to pick out my outfit, and decided on short denim shorts and a grey ruffled tank top. I put on my flip flops and grabbed my curling iron, before sitting on the bed in front of the mirror. When my hair was curled, I clipped it back and walked downstairs. "It wasn't worth it curling your hair if you were planning on swimming." Harry stated. "I don't think I'm going to." "Ok. Oh, and Perrie will be there, too," "YAY!" He laughed. "Someone's excited." He mumbled. I rolled my eyes. "Can we leave now?" I asked. "Yeah, just let me get my keys." He grabbed them and we went out to the car.

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