Just One Summer

Can one summer really change everything?

Niall and Lucy have been friends since before they were born. They spent almost every summer together growing up, but had to stop when Niall became apart of One Direction. One Direction now has a three month break and wants to spend it with Lucy and her friends. All nine of them knew this summer was going to be different, but none of them expected this.


3. The First Night

“Hello, anyone home?” I recognized his Irish accent instantly and leaped off Beth’s lap to greet him.

     “Guys, the boys are here!” I yelled as I walked to hug Niall.

     “Ah, come here,” Niall said with open arms. I hugged him and didn’t let go.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed until now.

     “It’s so good to see you,” I said while we released each other.

     “Same here buddy,” he said with a smile.

     “Hey, don’t I get a hug?” Harry added as he walked through the door.

     “Of course,” laughing I gave him a quick hug.  He then saw Diana and was gone. I just knew they would hit it off.  Zayn soon appeared.

     “Hey Lucy, long time no see,” Zayn said.

     “Oh much too long,” I said as we hugged, and then I moved on to greet Louis who was following behind.

     “Hello love,” Louis said and then kissed me on the cheek.  I smiled and then realized I hadn’t seen Liam.

     “Hey, where’s Liam?”

     “He lost a bet and now has to unload all the luggage, so probably by the car,” Louis said while smiling.

     “You won, didn’t you?”

     “Yes,” Louis said as he laughed.  I nodded my head and rolled my eyes as I went out to the cars the boys had arrived in.  There were two black Range Rovers parked out front.  Liam was over by the one closest to the house.

     “I heard you lost a bet.  Need a hand?”

     Being polite he said, “Oh no, I’m fine.  Thanks for asking though.”

     “No problem,” I said while picked up one of the suitcases, ignoring his wishes.  He laughed and said,

     “Just as stubborn as I remembered.”  I now know why Liam didn’t want me to help.  These suitcases were  very heavy.  So heavy that as I started up the stairs to the house, I lost my balance and started to fall back.  I started to panic and dropped the suitcase hoping the fall won’t be too bad, but before I knew it, two strong arms were out and ready to catch me.  Our eyes met and we stayed like that for a moment.

     “Whoa! Didn’t mean to spoil the moment,” Niall appeared at the door. Liam, clearly embarrassed, let go of me and tried to explain what had happened.

     “None of my business. I just forgot my leftovers in the car,” Niall said, clearly unfazed.  Liam and I grabbed the rest of suitcases, but this time I made it up the stairs.  We walked in, dropped the bags, and over heard some talking while Niall grabbed his food.

     “There is no way we’re going out tonight,” I heard Lena say.

     “Well, we have to do something,” Harry argued back.

     “What’s going on?” Liam said as we made our way into the living room.

     “Meet Team Go-Crazy and Team Do-Nothing,” Zayn announced.

     “We’re not crazy.  We just need to do something to kick off the summer,” Diana spoke up.  From the looks of the room and just knowing people’s personalities, I’d say it was Harry, Diana, and Louis against Lena and Beth.  Zayn looked as if he could care less.

     “How about a movie night with pizza?” I thought it was only fitting since it was the first thing we did as a group a year ago.

     “Oh that sounds like fun!” Lena jumped at the idea.  She really did jump though, and made a beeline for her phone to order pizza.  Harry and Diana nodded their heads after a moment.

     “I’m picking the movie,” Louis announced.

     “That’s fine, just nothing scary,” I gave him a stern look.  He laughed and walked downstairs to the theater room.

     “So I guess we’ll meet down there in ten?”  Everyone nodded and headed for their rooms to change.  I chose a big t-shirt and some Soffe shorts.  Diana just switched from her tight jean shorts into boxers leaving her tank top on, but was having a hard time finding them since she’s one of the most unorganized packers I know.  By the time Diana and I got down there everyone else were sitting, or more like lying, on the couch.  Harry, of course, saved a seat for Diana and the only place left was next to Liam.  Oh the irony.  I awkwardly sat beside him, and he slide over only slightly to give me some room.  The movie started and I knew I had to kill Louis.

     “Louis, I’m going to kill you.”

     “Shhhhh! The movie’s starting,” Louis said back with a devious little smile on his face.  He knows I hate scary movies. Everyone does.

     “He thought it only made sense that we watch the same kind of movie the day we all met,” Liam explained.

     “Oh yeah, makes so much sense,” I mumbled as the movie started.  I find nothing fun about scary movies, but everyone else loves to love them.  About fifteen minutes in, a guy popped out and killed someone, completely unexpected by the way and down went my head.  I then felt a firm hand on my shoulder.  I looked up and it was Liam.

     “You okay?” he whispered.

     “Super-duper,” I whispered back, trying to focus on anything but the screen in front of me. And might I point out that things are ten times scarier on screen that basically takes up the whole wall.  Liam moved his hand from my shoulder to my hand.

     “Just squeeze my hand if you get scared.”

     “Thanks.” And I did, lots of times.

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