Just One Summer

Can one summer really change everything?

Niall and Lucy have been friends since before they were born. They spent almost every summer together growing up, but had to stop when Niall became apart of One Direction. One Direction now has a three month break and wants to spend it with Lucy and her friends. All nine of them knew this summer was going to be different, but none of them expected this.


2. How It All Came To Be

     This all started because of my mom.  She went to college in Ireland where she roomed with Niall’s mom.  They were best friends from then on.  The Horan’s were like a second family to me.  Even though my family lived in America, we remained close.  Niall and I grew up together.  Ever since I could remember up until I was sixteen, our families always got together in the summer.  Niall and I remained close by writing emails and letters throughout the years even enough we were so far apart.  We never dated though.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think Niall was cute; it was just that he was like a brother to me which is why Niall becoming famous couldn’t have been weirder.  But even through the fame, Niall would always make time for me.

     On his tour in America last year, Niall and the rest of the boys met up with me and my friends.  It was supposed to be just Niall and me, but things just happened and we all ended up hanging out together instead.  It went really well.  It was probably one of the best days ever.  We all just had a great time which is why my mom suggested that we all spend the summer together, kind of like old times.  I thought that there was no way for the boys to get away for three months but as it turned out, they were going on break.  So here we are. All nine of us are spending our summer together which is going to be interesting.  A year ago no one was trying to flirt or be cool; everyone was just themselves.  Of course Diana and Lena, the biggest flirts, had boyfriends at the time, and Beth always takes time to warm up to people which is why this summer is going to be an interesting one.  All nine of us are single and we’re living under the same roof for three months.  Yeah, definitely going to be interesting.


     We arrived at the house after a pretty dull flight, long but dull.  Once we arrived, we couldn’t stop starring.  The house, or mansion reslly, was unbelievable. I knew it was going to be big since all nine of us were saying there and, you know, the guys were paying, but still!  We all got out of the rental car that came to pick us up and only continued to be amazed as we entered our new home.  The style was modern with a comfy twist.  After exploring, we discovered a movie room with couches that were more like beds, a huge game room and that were only five bedrooms.  I guess we all just expected to have our own rooms but no worries, we all got along.

     “Diana! We’ve here less than a day and you’ve already trashed the bathroom!” Well, we try to get along.

     “Lena, chill. You’re not even sharing a room with her,” Beth said trying to keep the peace.  I was actually rooming with Diana.  I wanted to room with Beth, but we all knew Diana and Lena would kill each other.  They’re just too alike, both very stubborn.

     “As long as we’re all living together, she needs to at least try and respect others,” said Lena.

     “I respect you fine.  I’m just messy,” Diana said while flopping on the couch with a trashy magazine.

     “Ugh!  I give up!” Lena, clearly frustrated, stormed to her and Beth’s room.

     “You going to apologize?” I asked.

     “I’ll let her cool down and then tidy up,” she said while turning the page.  I walked over Beth and sat in her lap.

     “There is a perfectly good seat on the couch you know.”

     “Eh, not as comfy,” I added.  She laughed and that’s when the door opened.

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