Life After Death

Alex and her parents have not been getting along lately. Alex and her parents both have said some hurtful things that should never be said. Alex decides to disobey her parents and go out with a boy, who they disaprove of. Alex and her boyfriend (Caleb) are driving late at night when all of a sudden........


3. Heaven

Alex stood infront of a huge gold gate. All she could hear was people's laughter. Within a few minutes God walked out in front of the gate and asked her about all of her sins. Alex asked for forgiveness. God opened the gate and allowed Alex inside. At first all Alex could see was clouds but when her eyes ajusted she seen some fimilar faces along with many new ones all smiling at her, welcoming her. The first person she reconized was her grandma. She ran as fast as she could and threw herself into her grandmothers arms. "Grandma" Alex screamed! "Yes baby, I'm here" said her grandma. Then all at once the angels said "Welcome to Heaven, we are all a family now!" Alex took a deep breath and said "finally i have a true family!" Her grandma said " dont you say that again, we all will be nothing but happy here!" With that Alex was given her own cloud right next to her grandmothers.

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