Life After Death

Alex and her parents have not been getting along lately. Alex and her parents both have said some hurtful things that should never be said. Alex decides to disobey her parents and go out with a boy, who they disaprove of. Alex and her boyfriend (Caleb) are driving late at night when all of a sudden........


2. Car Crash

There at the curb was Caleb in his car. Alex jumped in the passager side and Caleb took off. " You look so beautiful" said Caleb as they drove onto the highway. "Thanks" Alex said while she smiled, looking out the window. "So, where are we going" asked Alex. "You'll see" said Caleb. About that time there was a truck heading right toward the passager side. Within seconds, Alex was sent flying into in the air and landed hard onto the pavement. An old lady from a couple cars back jumped out of her car and ran to Alex. Alex was barely breathing so they lady pulled out her phone and called 911. Within minutes the amublance was there and took Alex to the hospital. Alex had suffered many broken bones including her neck. Alex was brought to surgerly within minutes of arrival. Alex saw a very bright light and heard a man's deep voice asking her if she wanted to go now or later. Alex chose now and that moment there was nothing the doctor could do she was gone. But as for Caleb he was fine, nothing but a few broken bones.

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