Life After Death

Alex and her parents have not been getting along lately. Alex and her parents both have said some hurtful things that should never be said. Alex decides to disobey her parents and go out with a boy, who they disaprove of. Alex and her boyfriend (Caleb) are driving late at night when all of a sudden........


1. Why do my parents hate me?

"ALEX get down here right now!" screamed Gary! "Yes father" asked Alex. "Why did you not clean this house like I told you to' asked Gary. "I did clean it!" said Alex. "You are not going anywhere for  a week."said Gary.  With that Alex sighed and walked upstairs. Alex went to her room and picked up her diary and began to write. "Why do i do everything?" "Why can i never go anywhere?" "Why do my parents hate me?" Then her cell phone rang it was Caleb. Alex's heart began to race, she could not believe that her crush was calling her! Alex answered the phone and he asked her if she wanted to hang out Saturday. Of coruse Alex played it cool and and sure. The week went by so fast. Saturday morning Alex woke up and put on her cutest outfit. She looked in the mirror at her hot pink skinny jeans, a black tank with lace, and her black boots. She thought she looked good all except for her hair. Alex decided to curl her long blonde hair. It turned out beautiful! Now she glanced in the mirror again and decided to do her makeup. For once in her life she felt beautiful! She crept down the stairs and walked out the front door to the crub.

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