I Don't Have To Change {1D}

Is it okay to change who you are for the one you love?
This is what Andy do. She is changing herself, with the help of her best friend Danielle.
But what happens, when the one you wanted back, gets back, but you end up Falling for someone else?

This is a story about Angela True, who goes to college in London, together with her always busy friends – Danielle Peazer. She ends up changing her life, when her boyfriend Enquel breaks up with her. But was it for her better of for the worse?


9. Chapter 9

don’t know what to answer to that question, it’s not like Enquel and I have discussed it, but after what happened before the lads came, I would say we are, but you never know.
“So?” Harry asks, I don’t answer or look up, my tights are very interesting right know.
“We are, but why the finally?” Enquel asks, but ignore the last bit, and focus on the first. WE ARE A COUPLE. I could scream out, but I decides to wait until they all are gone.
“Because Andy came and borrowed Lou, our stylist,” Louis says as he try to find the remote.
“Your stylist?” Enquel looks at Louis as if he has only just fallen out of a spaceship.

“Why does it comes from such a shock? We are world famous remember? We need to look our best,” Zayn says, as he fish the remote out from underneath him, and hands it to Louis.
“Thanks mate,” Louis says, as he fumbles with it.
Out of my right eye I can see Enquel roll his eyes, of the sentence Zayn just said. I get the feeling that he don’t like the lads, but I can’t answer why, because I think they are great! I mean, they are funny, idiots, sweet and handsome! What could go wrong?
“You really sounds like you got a big ego, you know that right?” Enquel asks Zayn, who looks from the TV towards him.
“Big ego? I don’t think so lad,” he bite back. This sounds like it is going to start a fight.
“It do,”

“Lads!” Liam yelled. They look over at Liam, who has his arm folded over his chest. “Stop it will you?”
They both make an unsatisfied sound, and look at anything else then the other.
And just as I thought that we were done, Niall ruins it all: “So, why did you leave her?”
I gape at him. How can he ask that question?! First that it got nothing to do with him, and second, he should ask that when we are finally together again!
“Excuse me?” I ask. I know that the question is not asked towards me, but I could not help but ask. His question was just totally wrong!

“I was not a question towards you Andy, but to your breaker of a boyfriend,” Niall answer me, and looks over at Enquel, “Well?” he asks.
“I don’t really think I need to answer this to you,” Enquel says back through his teeth.  
“And why is that? We are her friends. We watched when you didn’t.”
“You have been her friend for four weeks, I don’t think you have the right to speak like that, when you didn’t know her before any of this,” Enquel defends.
“Maybe not, but we have seen her in her miserable. We may not have seen her before it all, and only know the heartbroken Andy, but we know you will break it again,” Niall says, he is angry, I can see it on the way he is sitting on the couch.

“One time a heartbreaker – always a heartbreaker,” Louis says, and as he says always, he do it with more force to make a point.
All the guys eyes are on Enquel, and I don’t like the way they are looking at him, it’s like they could jump him anytime soon.

“I think you guys should go,” I say only a little louder than a whisper. I look at all the lads when their eyes looks at me, even Enquel looks at me right know, but I don’t care. I look sternly at the lads, to make sure they know what they did isn’t right.
“What?” Niall asks, a little bewilded.
“You heard me. Get. Out,” I say again.
“You can’t mean this Andy,” Zayn says as he looks at me confused.
“Yes I do. LEAVE.”
The lads just stare at me, but they don’t leave, like they are waiting for me to change my mind. I focus a little more on Niall then the other, and that is why I notice that his eyes flicker towards Enquel for a second before they turn back to me.
“Andy…” he begins, but I shut him of.

I don’t have to say it again, as they leave. I can hear the front door open, and then close after them, and first there I can breathe out in relief.
There goes some minutes before Enquel finally break the silence.
“Thank you for sending them away. I don't like the way they talked,” he says with a little smile, he moves his arm around me to make me move closer to harm. But instead I push it away.
“You leave too,” I say, and look at him directly in the eyes.
“Baby, you don’t mean that,” he asks as he try to take my hand, with no luck.
“And why wouldn’t I mean that?” I ask a little angry.
“Why would you?” He ask again.
“Seriously? Are you seriously asking me that?” I ask angrier this time.
“Because the way you treated my friends! Why did you have to do that? They are my friends, they got my back when nobody else had, so you have not right to talk to them like that. Boyfriends or not,” I shout the last sentences out.
“Then why did you send them out, if they are the friends that got your back?!” Perfect, now he is also angry.

I look at him in disbelief.
“Why? WHY?!” I shout. I don’t care about my neighbors, I don’t care that I shout. I leave the couch and stand up to look down at him.
“You wanna know why I kicked them out?” I ask angrily. He nods. “Because you are my boyfriend, and I don’t want people talking like that to you!”
It takes him a minute to understand what I just said.
“Then why are you kicking me out?” He asks, as he relax.
“Because I don’t want you to treat my friends like shit,”
“Then you could have kicked me out with them!”
“I can’t get you humiliated! You would be humiliated if I kicked you out with them!” I take a big breath, as I stare for his response, but nothing really comes, and continue: “I don’t want to lose you again,” This is barely over a whisper, but Enquel hears it, his eyes widens and he looks into my eyes. He gets up for the couch, and put his arm around me, into a mild and loving embrace. I rest my head on this chest, and put my arm around him.
“You are not going to lose me, Angela,” he whisper into my ear.

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