I Don't Have To Change {1D}

Is it okay to change who you are for the one you love?
This is what Andy do. She is changing herself, with the help of her best friend Danielle.
But what happens, when the one you wanted back, gets back, but you end up Falling for someone else?

This is a story about Angela True, who goes to college in London, together with her always busy friends – Danielle Peazer. She ends up changing her life, when her boyfriend Enquel breaks up with her. But was it for her better of for the worse?


8. Chapter 8

I’m sitting in my couch with a cigarette between my lips, and just looking out on nothing, and everything.  Everything meaning last night. I’m happy, really happy, I had been waiting for that the last two weeks, but knowing how drunk he was, it scares me, that I don’t know, if he will remember it. In the middle of my scariness and happiness, I’m worried about, why the lads and Dani was at the party, I was told that they needed to start working again today, an interview if I don’t remember wrong, but how will they meet up to that? They were pretty drunk.

“Andy?” I hear Enquels voice behind me. I turn around and show him a smile. I put my cigarette out.
“Ehm .. How did I get here?” He asks and looks around. My mood falls right away, of course he can’t remember.
“Some of my friends took us here last night,” I say and look out the window opposite of the couch.
“Ah,” he says, and sits down beside me. I discover that he play with his hands like he is nervous.
“I will just take a shower, and then you can, and we can get your car?” I say, and is on my way to get up, when Enquel gets a grip on my arm.
“Ehm .. About last night .. You know what happened?” He asks, and I can feel his hands are sweaty.
“You don’t remember?” I ask, and looks down on his face.
“Some of it, I do. I just want to know how much you remember.”

This made my nerves growl all over my skin. How much do he remember? What do I do if he forgot? Should I tell him what happened, if he don’t remember? And will he feel something opposite of me, if I do tell him?
“What do you remember to?” I ask him, as I sit down again.
“After some idiot pushed me away,” he says with a grunt.
“So you are saying, you remember everything up to Louis pushing you away?” Then he remembers the kiss, right?
“Louis? You know him?” He says, and looks at me.
“Yeah, he is a good friend of mine.”
“Some friends,” he mumbles, and looks away.
“What did you say?”
“You know what I said, he ruined the moment!” he says, and looks at me, a little anger lingering in his eyes, together with disappointment.

“We had a moment?” I say, and looks at him.
“Of course we had!”
“When?” I decides to tease him.
“After I pulled you away from that blonde one,”
“You mean Niall?”
“Let me guess, a good friend of you?”
I nod, “Well after I pulled you away from him, we had our moment!”
I nod again.
“You don’t remember?” He asks skeptical.

“Maybe if you rewind it, I may” I say and smiles at him. He quickly catch on, and smack his lips over mine.

The kiss last night, was good, but this is better, maybe because this time he is sober, and know what he are doing?
I wasn’t sitting properly, so I shifts a little, which I should not have done, because Enquel take it as an opportunity to lift me over his lap, so I was saddling him. He moves his hands down too my bum, and presses me closer towards him. I find myself putting my hands into his hair, and pull it, which makes him moan like last night. I smile into the kiss, and with my knowing I begin to rub my area against his, which earn me another moan.

I don’t know how long we sat there, hands all over, my hands makes its way towards his hair again, after a trip to his abs, his hands have been under me top for a while, but know he moves it all the way to my breasts. As I let out a soft moan, I hear the doorbell ring, and I try to get out of Enquels hands, but with fail.
“Leave it,” he whispers against my neck, and send shivers down my spine. He moved his lips back to mine, but we is soon interrupted by a chime of the doorbell, when someone kept buzzing it, and the making it into a melody. And I know who only that can be.

“Sorry Babe, but these lads won’t go away, until I answer,” I say as I pull away, and Enquel groans. I kiss him lightly on the lips a couple of times, before I move away, and pull my cloth on its place.
As I get near the door, another loud chime sounds, and this one is long.
“Shut Up Louis!” I yell, as I take the handle in open the doors.
And infront of me stands whole One Direction. Liam smiles, but the rest looks like crap.
“Hey lads, you look like crap,” I say and smiles innocent to them.
“Shut up,” Niall groans, and push me aside, and walking towards my living room area together with the others except Liam.
“Thought you had to start working?” I asks Liam.
“We thought so too, but since it was Louis that got the news, he switched it around. We have to start on the 15th, not the 5th like Louis said,” Liam said and sighs a little.

“Typical,” I laugh.
I hear yelp inside the living room area, and both Liam and I run towards it. As I inter I can’t see Niall, only all the boys cuddling up in one of the sofas, while Enquel was alone in the other one.
“Wheres Niall?” I ask, I don’t get an answer, but I get an pointing finger towards the floor, where I can see Niall lying.
“Niall, what are you doing?” I ask, as I make my way towards him.
He looks up towards me and make a pouting face.
“It’s because you moved your couch!”
“Then can’t you look where it stands?” I am a little confused.
“It broke my patten! I can stand over there and throw myself onto your couch, but you moved it and know I cant!” He point a little away, and make a bow, towards the couch.
I laugh, and shake my head, as I sit down next to Enquel. He quickly takes me hand, he then moves his fingers between mine.
“Are you finally dating?” I hear Zayns voice, and I look towards him. I quickly look at my hands, when I see that all the boys are now looking at us, excited and surprised.

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