I Don't Have To Change {1D}

Is it okay to change who you are for the one you love?
This is what Andy do. She is changing herself, with the help of her best friend Danielle.
But what happens, when the one you wanted back, gets back, but you end up Falling for someone else?

This is a story about Angela True, who goes to college in London, together with her always busy friends – Danielle Peazer. She ends up changing her life, when her boyfriend Enquel breaks up with her. But was it for her better of for the worse?


7. Chapter 7

“Andy!” Niall says as he takes me in a big hug. He reeks of alcohol. I hug him back quickly, before letting go.
“Niall? What brings you here? I thought, you guys had to work tomorrow?” I yell over the music. He just shrugs his shoulders, like it doesn’t matter.
“Are the other boys here?” I try. I grab Danis arm, as she is on her way somewhere else, and with the alcohol she have gotten already, she is going nowhere.
“Andy, lets dance! This is my favorite song!” Niall yells, as he pulls me into the dance floor.

In the beginning I’m just standing there, and looking at Niall, as he try to dance, but he just looks like a fish trying to bring an elephant to the world. “NIALL!” I yell, and shakes my head, as I grab his hands to make him follow my lead.
I swing my hips to the music, and before I know it, I am dancing with Niall, like I haven’t danced in a long time.

As the third song is almost done, I fell my arm being pull at, and I stand face to face with Enquel. He doesn’t look to happy, and his eyes are dilated, so he had a few more drinks.
“Who is this?” he asks, and point a finger at Niall, who is just dancing with himself, I guess he hasn’t found out I stopped.
“Niall, a friend of mine,” I smile at him and shrugs my shoulders like it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t.
“Friend? Then why are you almost giving him a lap dance?!” Enquel says a little too loud in my opinion.
“I didn’t. I taught him how to dance,” I defend myself.
“Well, I don’t like it” he says and pulls me away.

“What are you doing Enquel?!” I asks as he pulls me outside, it feels good to feel the air, even though I haven’t been inside that long. But even though I asked Enquel an question, he doesn’t answer me, he keeps pulling me forward, until he stops on the other side of the garden.
“What are we doing here?!” I ask my voice with a hint of panic. I try to pull my hand towards myself, but Enquel have a good grip on it. He turn around, so that he is face to face with me, and before I know it, I feel a pair of lips covering my own. At first, I am in totally shock over it, and it wasn’t something that I did expect.

After sometime, I can feel my lips move, he places his hands on my hips and pull me roughly closer, myself I place one hand on his neck, and another cup his face in my hand. I don’t feel that we move, before I can feel my back against one of the threes, and I end with both of my hands in his hair.

I don’t know how long we stood there, but in the end I had to pull away to get my breath properly. I lean my head against the tree, and I feel Enquels head lean on my collarbone.
“I missed that,” he whisper, and breath on my collarbone, that sends a shiver through me.
“You did?” I ask a little unbelievable.
“Yeah, you have no idea.”

“Hmm … Then you shouldn’t have broken up with me, you know?” I say with a little chuckle. I feel his head lifts, so I look away from the tree, and try to focus on Enquel eyes, which I find rather quickly.
“You know that … “He begins, but I don’t let him finish as I press my lips against his in another kiss.

I know that it isn’t all his fault, I won’t come and say that I don’t blame him, because I do. I was his choice to dump me, not his friends. And don’t come and say Bros before hoes because I know that, but that doesn’t mean his friends can come and say that we have to break up.

I can hear somebody whistle, “Get a room!” which make me laugh into the kiss. Enquel groan, and pulls away, but before he can do that, I tighten my hold against his head, so that he can’t move. This time it’s his turn to chuckle.
I let go of him, so that he can let go, but this time he doesn’t do it, instead he just smiles at bites my lower lip.
“Enquel, you stink of alcohol,” I laugh to try and get him off me.
“That didn’t stop you before,” he mumbles, as he slightly bites the skin under my ear. I don’t answer him, instead I grabs his hair, and pull backwards so he can let go.

“Andy?” I hear a voice call, and I turn towards it, and see Liam, with Louis over his shoulder. I stifle a laugh, Louis looks really drunk, where Liam looks rather sober.
“Hello Liam,” I say, as Enquel breaks free from my grab, and again places his head in the crook of my neck. I give a squeak as Enquels teeth begin to work again.
“Need some help?” Liam asks, and looks worried, and guarded, when he comes closer.
“Who are you talking to?” Louis slurs, as he lift his head, and look at me, his eyes trying to find out who I am. He gives me a awkward smile, as he sees me.
“ANDY!” He yells, and try to get away from Liam, he do it with success, and wobble towards me, when he is close, he begin to try and push Enquel away, and with Enquels tolerance, he wobble backwards, and I feel free for a second.

Louis arms wraps around me, and trying to give me a hug, but he ends up giving me a little slap on the side of my head.
“Whoopsi,” he laughs.
Liam comes towards us, and try and get Louis of me, and after his fourth try, it's a success. I quickly try to get Enquel off the ground, but I think the alcohol finally have its working, and it takes some great effort to get him up and stands.
“Enquel. Enquel! Get a grip,” I laugh as he wobbles as I try to take a step with him. I places his arm around my shoulders, so that he can lean on me, and for the first time in my life, I regret that I have taken high heels on.
“Want a hand?” Liam asks, and begin to move towards the other side of Enquel, but Louis trips on the way, which make me laugh.
“No, I think you have enough yourself,”

Liam shrugs his shoulders, and together we walk the boys towards his car.

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