I Don't Have To Change {1D}

Is it okay to change who you are for the one you love?
This is what Andy do. She is changing herself, with the help of her best friend Danielle.
But what happens, when the one you wanted back, gets back, but you end up Falling for someone else?

This is a story about Angela True, who goes to college in London, together with her always busy friends – Danielle Peazer. She ends up changing her life, when her boyfriend Enquel breaks up with her. But was it for her better of for the worse?


2. Chapter 2

Dani is still wiping my tears, while we wait for her boyfriend, only now we stand outside the school, so we could hop right in to the car. It actually took some grate time for him to get here, but then again, he could have been on the other side of London or something.
He comes in a black Range Rover with tuned windows. It’s a nice car.

Dani opens the door to the backseat, and pushes me inside, and she jumps to the front seat.
“Hey Babe!” She says and kisses him on the cheek, as he is busy with scanning the street. I wonder why.
“Hey Love,” He says as he sets the car moving, “so she’s the girl you have been talking about?”
Dani nods and smiles, before she turns her attention towards me.
“Andy this is Liam, Liam Andy,” she says as an introduction.
“Hello Andy, I would like to shake your hand, but as you can see I’m driving, and since Dani asked for a favor while I was rehearsing, but you can’t just turn down your girl, you know?” He says as I can see he smile in the mirror.
“Oh year Andy, I haven’t told you, have I?” She asks, “Liam is a member of One Direction.”

I nod, but that’s all I can do. I know who One Direction is, but I don’t know the members, I only like their songs.
“No fangirl?” Liam asks surprised.
“Nope, that’s one of the reasons I love her,” she says, and sends me a wink.
“Where are we going?” I ask, and looks out the window – I have no idea where we are.
“We are going to the studio, we was recording a new single, when Dani called,” Liam answer.
“You haven’t told me about that babe,” Dani says and looks at Liam. “Sorry Love, but it was just official this morning, and I didn’t want to make you excited, and then it didn’t happen,” he answers.
Dani nodded, and that was that she had to say to that.

After some awkward moments, I decide to break it.
“Hey, can I smoke in the car?” I ask, and look at Liam.
Dani look at me, and ask me silently why did you ask about that? Can’t you hold?
Before I can answer her, Liam answered my question.
“Sure. Just roll down the window.”
I rolled the window all the way down; it was good with some fresh air, and nicotine. 

When I was done, we are holding in the back of a building, I would guess it was the studio.
“This is a studio?” I ask.
Liam look back at me: “What had you expected?” he ask me.
“I don’t know. Something lousy I think, like movies.”
The building we are looking at, looks like a normal officebuilding.
“Sorry to disappoint you love.”
Dani open my door, and pull me out. When I was outside, she lock her arm in mine, and we follow Liam inside.

The inside is white just like a hospital, and modern black furniture’s. It’s clean as if there was plastic all over the place.
Liam leads us to the elevator, where we travel all 13 floors to the top. When we walk out, there are many people, in my opinion, but Dani or Liam don’t look like they think so. We walk down a hall, into a room with four people. One of them is sitting in front of many keys, with many different colors. He is a little older than the other boys in the room, maybe 26 years old. Where the boys is about Liam’s age.

“Liam! It’s your turn to record, we have recorded our vocals now,” a boy with a LOT of curls says. I have never seen so many curls on one boy. I stand a little behind Dani, so they first see me, when they say hallo to Dani.
“Who’s this? Danielle, have you taken a fan in with you?!” This time it is a boy with ice cream hair. I bit my lower lip, to hold back a laugh.
“This is a fan? Look at her Zayn!” Dani defends me, “do you see any fangirling, fainting or other?”
“She has a point mate,” another boy says, he has a carrot in his mouth, and looks like a rabbit. I can’t hold it. I begin to laugh really hard.

Everybody looks shocked at me, and even though i should stop, I can’t.
“What so funny?” Dani asks.
“It’s just … You guys..” I laugh.
The boy’s looks at me like I am crazy, which only make me, laugh harder.
It took me some time for me to cool down. And all eyes was on me the whole time.
“Care to explain?” Dani asks.
“It’s just these guys..” I say and is on my way to laugh again.
“What about us?” Ice Cream say.
I pointed at the curly one.

“To many curls for a boy,” I point at Ice Cream, “look like an ice cream,” I point at Rabbit, “looks like a rabbit when he eat carrots,”
As I say it, their facial expressions change.
As Rabbit is going to say something, the door open, and in comes a blonde, with a big smile on his lips. He has a red polo shirt on and some worn jeans on. My eyes find his fast, and they are as blue as the sea, deep, and the shines as his happiness shows.
“Then what about him? What does he looks like?” This was Curlys turn to speak.
“Him? He is … hmmm .. Cutie!” I say, and smiles to the other boys, which all stand with a look of surprise.

“Hey lads. Who is this?” Cutie says, and holds his hand out for me to shake. I do.
“Hey, Andy,” I answer, and look him in the eyes.
“Nice to meet you Andy,” he says and smile a big smile with totally white teeth, like pearls on a wire, “So guys, how was my singing? Totally cool right?!” He asks.
Nobody answer him, and he look confused around? “What happened?”
“Andy. Dear.” Dani says, and puts a hand on my shoulder, and point at the boys.
“These guys are the members of One Direction. Curly are Harry, Ice Cream is Zayn, Rabbit is Louis, and ehm .. Cutie are Niall.”

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