I Don't Have To Change {1D}

Is it okay to change who you are for the one you love?
This is what Andy do. She is changing herself, with the help of her best friend Danielle.
But what happens, when the one you wanted back, gets back, but you end up Falling for someone else?

This is a story about Angela True, who goes to college in London, together with her always busy friends – Danielle Peazer. She ends up changing her life, when her boyfriend Enquel breaks up with her. But was it for her better of for the worse?


12. Chapter 12

“Yes! I squeal. Justin has now his arm around my shoulder, and I can see it doesn’t goes well with Enquel, but I don’t care, I’m just happy to see him again after 3 years!
“Where from?” Niall asks, and looks from my face to Justins arm, and back to my face again after some seconds.
“We used to date,” I wink to them all. The girls almost flip over the table as they scream at the news, and all the boys just stare from me to Justin and back.
“Yeah, she was like my guardian angel back then! She was the one who proposed that I sang on youtube!” Justin smiles, and take one of the glasses on the table to drink.
“You guys used to date?” I hear Enquel say disbelief in his voice.
“Yeah,” just then it hit me, that my exs arm are around me and my currently boyfriend is sitting just a little away, “Justin! I want you to meet my boyfriend Enquel!” I yell over the music and make a motion towards Enquel, who just nod at Justin, while Justin looks him up and down.

“Hmm … Sure you are good enough to my little angel here?” Justin ask, he looks serious, but I can hear the humor in his voice.
“He isn’t,” I hear Niall mumble, and I just sends him an angry look, which makes him sink farther into his seat.
“Sure I am, or else I wouldn’t have been with her for six month!” Enquel yells back.
“Plus what you had before you broke her heart,” Niall mumbles. Seriously! What is his problem?! But I choose to ignore his mumble, and just looks at Enquel with a big smile.
“That is a long time. Something tells me you are going to stick longer with him then with me!” Justin yells with a laugh.

“How long where you together?” Perrie beams over the music. Her eyes are lighting up, but then again, so are all the other girls.
“What was it? 1 year and some?” I ask Justin as I look at him.
“1 year and 3 months exactly,” Justin laughs, “how can you now remember that?! You were all over me with anniversary’s!”
I laugh too: “That's true, but you always forgot them!” I pretend to scold him.
“Is she doing that to you also mate?” Justin laugh, and gives him a sympatric look.
“No, actually she doesn’t,” he says, and stare from him to me, his face aren’t a happy one.

I walk away from Justin and sits on Enquels lap, and peak him on the lips: “Sorry babe, but learned a lesson from back then,”
“And what is that?” Dani says, clearly interested in my life before her, can’t blame, I haven’t told her much about my life back home.
“If the boy doesn’t remember it himself, then it’s because he don’t wanna celebrate it. Many of Justin and Is anniversary’s turn to crap, because he felt like he was threaten to go with me,” I laugh, and remember back and laugh again: “one time he took me too a circus that was in town,” I laugh again, just can’t help it, and in the meantime, Justin use the situation to break in:” Angela don’t you dare tell that story!” He screams at me.

“And then this man who blew fire, made an accident and burned Justins hair,” I make the rest of the table break down in laugher, and as I look at Justin he just stands there with a smirk on his face.

“Oh year? Remember that time, when we went out to eat, and you made the waiter fall with a tray off food all over the other table? Which later happened to be a couple who was supposed to get engaged that night?” He smirks at me, and this time all the laugher is turned against me.
“Oh no Justin! You did not tell that story!” I scream, and try to be serious, but I can’t help the smiles that breaks my face.

“Then what about out 8th anniversary?” I smirk evilly at him. His eyes widen in shock.
“Angela, that story is embarrassing for you too,” he yells and try not to make me tell it, but he is right, it is embarrassing.  
“Tell us!” They all laugh.
“Okay. It was at our 8th anniversary, and we were planning on doing it, and taking each other virginity. We had the house for us self. Just as Justin was ready and was placed right, we hear his mother coming home. First we just laied still, hoping it was the cat, but then she yelled up the stairs: “JUSTIN! Baby! I’m home! Are Angela still over?!” And he answered with a yes, and we hoped she just stayed down stairs, since we didn’t hear a sound. But then as we was about to, his mother pushed her head trough the door,” I laugh really hard. I remember Patties face when she walked into Justins white ass in the air.

All the other laugh too, except Enquel and Niall, they were the only ones that didn’t say a thing.
“My mother have never been short on words, but that, just took her breath away. I was excepting her to faint any moment. But instead she just closed the door really hard and screamed on the other side, I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear her,” Justin laugh.

“Great sex stories from old times, just great. If this is what I am gonna hear the rest of the night, I’m off,” Enquel says, and look at me with a look I can’t really read, but then again, I can’t never really read his look, just like you hear in stories, where they know what the other one are feeling just by the eyes.

“Sorry babe! I’m so sorry! Don’t be sad, you were the lucky one in the end,” I wink at him, and nip too the drink Liam brought me.

And soon the conversation differ over in something else …



(Okay. Tada! Laughed when I read the sex scene, the pictures just kept coming when I wrote it, even if it wasn’t in details! Hope you liked it! ;) )

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