Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



23. Where's Mady?!

Skylar's POV

i wake up. i look at my clock. it is 8am. i get out of bed and i get dressed. i put on some jean shorts and my floral top. i look in my closet for some shoes. i pull out my toms. sure, i'll wear these. i put them on. i walk into my bathroom. i brush my hair and decide to leave it down. i start to do my makeup. i put on some pink lip stick.  then i put on mascara. them i decide i'm just going to do that.

i walk out of my room. i walk into the living room. i see Zayn and Perrie making out on the couch.

i have gotten along with Zayn and Perrie, but i do still feel pain and jelousy. wait- jelousy? no.. i don't feel jelousy, do i? i'm with Louis. i like Louis. not Zayn. he cheated on me.

"Get a room." i say as i roll my eyes.

"um, we got a room, you just walked into the room." Perrie snaps at me.

"yeah well, this is the living room. the room everyone is free to go in." i say with fake grin.

Perrie rolls her eyes. "Yeah well we were here first." Perrie says.

"that's the best you got?" i say crossing my arms.

"look, i know you still like zayn and your just using Louis. but face it. zayn would much rather have me. i mean, i am way more beautiful than you. i don't even know why Louis wants you." Perrie says.

"I swear i will pull your hair so hard your died blode extentions will come out." i say.

"my hair is real thank you very much. now leave NOW!" Perrie says.

"your not the boss of me." i say.

"Look, you leave now. just face it, ugly girls like you just don't win battles. only beautiful girls like me do. that's why zayn picked me over you. i am skinny, beautiful, amazing, and much more, un like you. i don't even get my zayn went out with you before. how did you meet anyways, you where just a girl on the side of the street they let in? like really? i don't even get why louis wants you. he can always go back to his super model girlfriend El, but still, he chooses to date you. like look at you, everything about you is terrifying. now do you see my point? now get out of this living room before i make you leave." Perrie says.

tears fill my eyes.

i look zayn in the eyes and he can see that i'm crying. zayn is about to say something when i run out of the living room crying. i run threw the halls. Liam was in the halls. as i ran past he says "Skylar what's wrong are you okay?" but i keep running. i run into my room and i slam the door behind me. i run and lie down on my bed i cry into my pillow.

seconds later i heara knock at the door.

"Skylar are you alright?" i hear them say.

"go away!" i yell.

"it's Liam." the person says.

i get off my bed and i go and open the door. Liam is standing there. he can see the tears in my eyes.

"Can i come in?" he says.

"alright." i say.

he walks in and i close the door behind him. i go and i sit on my bed. Liam comes and sits beside me. i start trying to wipe away my tears, but there is no use, more tears start coming down my face.

"do want to tell me what happend?" he asks me.

i try and calm my self down but that just makes me cry harder. Liam puts his arm around me to comfort me. i finally calm myself down.

"am i really that bad?" i say.

"what?" Liam says.

"am i really an ugly, fat, un apealling, worthless person you guys just saw on the side of the road?" i say.

"Skylar what gives you that idea?" Liam says.

"Perrie's right. who would want me?" i say.

"did Perrie say all of those things?" Liam asks me.

"yes. and zayn just sat there and let her tell me those things. he didn't even say a word." i say.

"Skylar you are none of those things that Perrie said. you are not ugly, you are beautiful, you could pass as a super model, your are not fat, you are super skinny, i do not see one peice of fat on you, you are very appealing, and you are not worthless, you are amazing, and you are not just someone we saw on the side of the road. you are  an amazing girl that came into our lives, sure it wasn't how we met Mady, Emily, and Emma, but you are still as close to us as they are, and we still think you are just as awesome as them." liam says.

"are you just saying that to make me feel better?" i say as i wipe away a tear.

"no. i am not just saying that." Liam says.

"really?" i ask him.

"really." he says.

"thank you Liam." i say. i hug Liam.

"now, i think i heard the others get up, let's go into the living room to meet them." Liam says.

i flinch when he says 'let's go into the living room.'

"what's wrong?" he asks me.

"nothing." i say.

me and liam walk into the living room. everyone is there. Perrie shoots me a dirty look. i think liam noticed because he smiled at me. i gave him a weak smile back.

"where were you guys?" Louis asks.

"i was just talking to Skylar." liam says.

Louis cocks an eyebrow. then he just shrugs it off. emily's eyes shoot over to mine. i give her a look that there is nothing to worry about. she nods.

"well we were waiting for everyone so we could watch the movie." Harry says.

"what movie?" me and Liam ask at the same time.

"Grown ups 2." louis says.

"i love that movie. i have seen it like 4 times already. i say with a smile.

"wait, not everyone is here." Emma says.

"who's missing?" Niall asks her.

"were's Mady?" Emma says.

"i'll go check her room." i say.

i walk into Mady's room. but she is not there. i knock on her bathroom door. no one says anything. so i open it. she's not in there. i look on the counter. the is a pregnacy test. and it is a positve one.

i grab the test and run into the living room.

"what's wrong?" Emma asks.

"HARRY!" i yell.

"what did i do?" harry says.

"she is gone. her stuff is gone. there is no note. all there is, is this." i say as i show them the test.

"what is it?" emma asks.

"a possitve." i say.

everyone looks  at Harry.

"me and Mady haven't done it yet." harry says.

"than how is it a possitve?" i ask.

"she must have been cheating on me." Harry says.

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