Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



24. The search for Mady + Louis' Little secret

Skylar's POV (Chapter By: 1DKissYou)

Okay it is the next day and we decided half of us are going to do some re search to see if there are any clues on to were Mady went, and the other half will just, you know. do whatever.

"alright so Emma, Niall, Emily, and Harry; you will be the four doing the re search. so me, zayn, skylar, and louis will be the ones no doing anything today. and then tomorrow, we will swap." Liam says.

Liam usally takes charge when it comes to serius things like this.

Emma, Niall, Emily, and Harry all went into the basement to the computars to search. Liam, me, zayn, and Louis stayed in the living room.

"so.." zayn says..

"wanna play would you rather?" Louis suggests.

"sure." we all agree.

we all sit in a circle though i don't know why.

"i'll go first. Zayn, would you rather.... kiss..... Selena gomez, or Taylor swift?" Louis asks him.

"selena gomez." zayn says.

"now don't take too long to think now." Louis says with a laugh.

"Sky, erm, i mean Skylar. would you rather, date... Justin Beiber, or... Cody Simpson?" Zayn asks me. louis looks at me.

"probably... hmm.. i don't know, i don't like either of them. i guess.. Cody Simpson because, i dislike justin beiber more." i say.

"alrighty." zayn says.

"well i'll be right back. i have to go use the lou." louis says as he gets up and leaves.

"lou went to the lou." i say with a smile.

liam and zayn laugh.

Louis phone starts ringing. i reach for it.

"why are you gonna answer it, are you one of those girls who has to know every single thing, about the guy they are dating?" Zayn says with a smile.

Liam and me don't laugh or smile.

"no, he usally answers my phone, so i think, why can't i touch his? besides i'm only answering it when he's in the bathroom." i say.

i pick up Louis' phone. the person automaticly starts talking.

"hey lou bear, i miss you, can you come to my appartement a bit early? i miss you already!" they say.

"NORAH?" i say.

as soon as i say Norah, zayn and Liam's faces go from straight to shocked.

"what are you doing with louis?" she asks me.

"um well he's my boyfriend so.." i say.

"no he is my boyfriend!" norah says.

tear well up in my eyes. i hang up the phone.

"what wrong, what did Norah want?' zayn asks.

"norah wanted to talk to louis." i say.

"what's so bad about that?" zayn says.

"her boyfriend louis." i say.

Louis came out of the washroom and kissed me on the cheek.

"what's wrong hun?" he asks me.

i just drop him phone on the ground.

"what was that for?" he asks.

"someone intersesting called you." i say.

"oh yeah?" louis says conufused.

"a female someone." i say.

"oh yeah?" louis says nervously.

"want to know who that someone is?" i say.

"who..?" Louis says nervously.

"your girlfriend. Norah." i say.

"Skylar- I" louis begins to say.

"save it. you promised me. you promised me i would never get a broken heart if i was with you." i say.

Perrie just comes in the door.

"zaynie poo, i miss you!" she says.

as soon as i see Perrie i just lose it.

"you know what? i give up. i just give up. Perrie you were right i am worthless. and all the other things you called me. i swear no one loves me. i just give up okay? i give up. i get it. i'm ugly, i'm pathetic, and those are probably just some reason why you prefer Norah over me." i say. i storm into my room.

i hear a knock at my door.

"if it's zayn, louis, or perrie, then get away." i say.

"it's Liam." the person says.

"come in." i say.

liam comes in. he closes the door behind him. he comes and sits on my bed with me.

"no." liam says.

"no?" i say.

"no. you are none of the things Perrie sais you were. you need to stop beating yourself up from things other people say." liam says.

"well apearently i'm nothing compaired to Norah. or Perrie." i say.

"you know what you are?" liam says.

"a worthless peice of crap?" i ask.

"no. you are just a girl who has been taken advantage of way to many times. zayn and louis are just jerks." liam says.

"you are beating yourself up because other people are mean." liam says.

"i am?" i say.

"what happend? just two days ago you didn't care a about what others said, and you loved yourself, and you never though bad about yourself." liam says.

"i don't know. too many mean girls. too many heartbreaks." i say.

"well, just forget them. " laim says.

"thanks liam. you always make me feel better." i say.

i hug liam and we walk back out.

"i'm going to help Emma, Emily, Niall, and Harry." i say.

"alright. i'll just be with Louiss and Zayn." liam says.

"alright." i say.

i walk downstairs.

"find anything?" i ask.

"nope." harry says.

i sit down in an empty seat.

emma looks over at me. she could tell i was crying.

"what happend?" she asks.

as soon as emma says that niall, emily and harry look over.

"let's just say, i don't think i'll ever love again." i say.

"what happend?" Emily asks.

"there are two many mean girls, too many cheaters." i say.

"Louis cheated on you?" Emma asks.

"guess with who? i bet you will never guess." i say.

"el?" Emily says.

"nope." i say.

"who then?" emma asks.

"Norah." i say.

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