Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



11. The beach with Norah and movie night

Emma's POV: (chapter by: TributesDirectioner)

I wake up and remember yesterday. That slut named Norah. URHG. And we have to take her to the beach with us. She'll be here in two hours because it's already eight. I wake up the rest of the girls by blasting one of my favorite bands that they hate: Pierce the Veil. They come running into my room and run to IPhone and turn it off. They leave to get ready.

I play 'In the End' by Black Veil Brides. I sing along as I get ready. I do my morning routine. I go to my closet and chose my red bikini top, and some black bottoms. I put on some jean shorts, and a black tank. I put on water-proof eyeliner, and mascara- I can't even go swimming without any makeup.  I leave my hair down and walk downstairs with the song still playing. I grab some bread and put it in the toaster. When its done I hop on the counter and eat it. I take out my earphones, because the girls are also now done eating. The doorbell rings and I walk to the door and open it. It reveals Norah, looking slutty as ever with caked on makeup and only her skimpy bathing suit, and wedges.

She rolls her eyes just looking at me. Well this is gonna be fun! We walk to the car in silence, then a big shocker the car ride was too. When we FINALLY get to the beach we find a spot and lay down our towels and set down our bags. We rub in sunblock and take off our shorts, and shirts. Emily is wearing a yellow string bikini, Mady a strapless pink one, Sky is in a blue string one that brings out her eyes. And Norah is in a too small strapless black one. I run to the dock and dive in. All the other girls besides Norah run in after me and swim to wear I am. Norah is sitting there tanning. We swim around for hours and Norah never comes in. After it gets around lunch time we are ready to go and get out of the water. We walk to our towels and see Norah flirting with a guy. He leaves as soon as he sees us.

"Fuck really you guys HAD to come?" Norah ask rolling her eyes.

"Look slut, you have a BOYFRIEND LOUIS REMBER?" I snap at her. She rolls her eyes again. "Hope your eyes don't pop out from you doing that so much." Emily says to her. We throw on our clothes then walk to the car. We drive to Norah's flat and she gets out.

"FINALLY!" We all say in sync. We laugh and drive to our flat. I get out and run in. The girls follow me in. We take showers and get dressed in sweats. We eat lunch then decided on a movie day. I put in my one of my favorite movies, Simon Birch. When we get to the car-crash Emily, and Skylar start crying.

"It's not fair. H-he was so cute and amazing it not fair!" Emily says in tears.

"Wh-why did he get bullied? He was so sweet." Sky also says in tears. Mady and I look at each other and burst out laughing. We watched it so many times we don't even tear up anymore, it became our thing to laugh it off. Sky and Emily stare at us like we are psychopaths. then there is a knock at the door. I open it still laughing and see One Direction. YES! No Norah!

"Um hello. We decided to bother you today." Lou says walking in.

"Well come on in." I say as the rest walk in. We go into the living room and see Emily, and Sky crying, hanging onto an annoyed looking Mady.

"We shouldn't have let them see this movie!" Mady puffs out.

"No I think we should have, you look so peed off." I say taking out my phone. I take a pic of them. "Okay what movie next?" Then I get a idea. "Haunting in Connecticut!" I say. I love scary movies, plus I can cuddle up to Niall. MWAHA I'm a genius! They agree and turn it on.


(rest of the chapter by: 1DKissYou)

Skylar's POV
all the boys come in. and Norah. not her. i was just crying from the movie we just watched, i usally don't cry at movies, i but it wasn't fair! he didn't deserve to be bullied! Niall and Emma were sitting on the loveseat.

"love seat for love birds!' emily said.

''we should be sitting there louis.'' norah said.

then Norah and Louis started kissing.

''we don't wat to see your PDA!" mady said.

''PDA?'' norah asked.

''ah no durr, it mean PUBLIC DESPLAY OF AFFECTION! and i don't wanrt to see it.'' mady said.

me and emily were laughing. then the movie started. i sat on the 3 seater couch on the very left side. Zayn sat into the middle. then on the other side of zayn was Emily. and mady and liam, and harry layed on the floor. i don't know why, but they did. and Norah and louis sat on a chair together, Norah was sitting on top of louis.  i litterly HATE scary movies. but when emma put on the movie =, me and her were thinking the same thing: it gives us time to cuddle with the boys. i cuddled up to zayn. he put his arm around me.

-skip movie.-

after the movie Norah left. harry went into the kitchen.. i went into the bathroom. then i heared voices out side of the bathroom door.

''but you can't tell!'' i heared louis say.

''i wont tell a soul!" i heard liam say.

what wont he tell?

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