Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



14. Sick.. :(

(chapter By; 1DKissYou)

Skylar's POV

after we got all our dresses we went out to grab a bite to eat. as soon as we sat down in our seats it started raining. Hard. we all ate. i got pizza, mady got salad, emily got a hamburger, and emma got spagetti. after all ate we got into the car to leave. it was still raining. we all went inside. as soon as we got inside the boys came in. we all said Hi. my throat started to hurt and i had a stuffy nose. i but i ignored it. i sat down in the love seat. Zayn sat beside me.

"i can't wait for the award show. i'm glad your my date to it too.'' zayn said smiling at me.

''i'm glad you asked me.'' i said with a smile back.

my stomach started hurting.

''let's all watch a movie!" Liam said.

"what should we watch?" niall said.

''toy story!" Liam said.

"no we ALWAYS watch that.'' niall said.

''how about TRANSFORMERS!" louis said.

''i hate that movie.'' liam said.

'' how about..... Grown ups?'' i said.

''that's my favorite movie.'' zayn said.

''same.'' i said.

''sure.'' everyone agreed.

Emma put the movie on, because she's the only one who knows how to work the DVD player. then my stomach started hurting again. i felt like i was going to puke.

"guys, i'll be right back. i just have to go to the bathroom.'' i said.

i ran to the bathroom. i puked my brains out. i must have been in the bathroom for a while because someone knocked on the door.

''just a minute!" i said. i flushed the toliet.

''Sky, are you alright? you have been in there for quite a while.'' i heard a voice say.

''um, yeah, i just-''

''it's Zayn.'' zayn said.

i un locked the door. zayn came in. i sat on the ground and held my stomach.

''sky, are you alright? what's wrong?" he asked.

before i could say anything i was puking again. wow. this is romantic.

Zayn rubbed my back.

''sky are you coming back?" i heard Mady yell.

''do you just want to lay down and relax?" zayn asked me.

i nodded my head yes.

''me and sky are going to pass on the movie, you guess can start it!" zayn said.

''alright!" mady said.

 me and zayn went into my room. i lied down on my bed. he lied down beside me. he put his arm around me.

''you can go watch the movie if you want, you don't have to stay here with me.'' i said.

''no. i want to stay with you.'' he said.

i just smiled and closed my eyes. me and zayn were cuddling.

later on i woke up to wispering. i opened my eyes and sat up. emma, emily, and mady were standing there wispering.

''hello?'' i said.

''hi.'' Emma said.

''what are you doing here?" i said.

''coming to see if you were awake.'' emily said.

''were zayn?" i said.

''the boys left at midnight.'' Mady said.

''what were you to doing up here last night?" Emily said as she winked at me.

''not what your thinking. i went into the bathroom because i wasn't feeling well, i started puking. zayn came in to see  if i was alright, and we passed on the movie because i went to lie down and zayn kept me company, although i fell asleep like 5 minutes after we came in here.'' i said.

''oh.'' they said.

''well are you feeling better now?" emma asked.

''yes i am. did zayn stay here with me untill the boys had to leave?" i asked.

'' well we didn't see him untill they had to leave so i'm guessing yes.'' Mady said.

''i'm going to get dressed so shoo.'' i said.

they all left.

i brushed my teeth and hair and i put on a yellow dress that went down to my knees. it was strapless. i put on my black flats and i put my hair into a braid. i did my makeup. i put on cover up, pink eyeshadow, maskara, and pale pink lipstick. all of it was water proof. all my makeup was waterproof because you never know if you are going to the beach, or end up crying or something like that. i went downstairs and all the girls were sitting on the couch. i went onto my phone. i had 2 missed calls and 1 message. one missed call was from zayn, and one was from louis. the message was also from zayn. it said 'i'm hoping your feeling better.' i put my phone down. all the girls were looking at me.

''what?" i said.

''i hear Louis likes you.'' Emily said.

"and so does zayn.'' Mady said.

''yes... and?" i said.

''which one do you like?" Emily said.

''Zayn, but to be fair i don't know Louis that well.'' i said.

''are you going to the award show with Zayn?" Emily said.

''yes.'' i said.

''my dress is blue, so it will make my eyes pop, and zayn is wearing a blue tie to match.'' i said.

''cute.'' Mady said.

my phone ringed. i picked it up.

''Hello?" i said.

all the girls were staring at me.

''Hi, Skylar, it's Louis.'' Louis said.

'it's louis.' i mouthed to the girls. i walked into the kitchen for quite, but of corse all the girls followed to see what louis was going to say.

''Hey Louis.'' i said.

Mady put her ear up to the other side of the phone.

''I was just making sure you were okay, Zayn said you weren't feeling well.'' Louis said.

''yes i'm fine, thanks for making sure.'' i said.

Mady was mouthing to Emily and Emma everything Louis said.

i smiled and rolled my eyes.

''Louis! get off the Phone!" i could hear Norah sau.

i rolled my eyes.

''well i gotta go.'' Louis said.

''don't want to keep the witch waiting.'' i said as i hung up.

Emma and Emily started laughing.

''what does he see in her anyways?" i said.

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