Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



9. Shopping

Emily's POV: (Chapter by: TributesDirectioner)

I wake up to jumping in my bed. I throw my pillow aimlessly and Emma laughs. "Come on we are going SHOPPINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!! Skylar needs clooothes!" Emma shouts.

"SHHHHH it's like 2 in the morning!" I complain.

"It's actually already 12, Emmy!!" Emma says in a duhh voice. I shoot up in my bed and push her out. I brush my teeth and that stuff. Then I throw on a pair of light jeans, and a black cat-face t-shirt. I put on my red vans. I go downstairs and grab an apple then all of us skip to the car.

*Skip car ride b/c I'm too lazy*

We walk in the mall and walk into Forever 21. Me, Sky, and Mady run through the store grabbing almost everything. Emma just sits down, she HATES shopping and is too lazy. The three of us meet each other in the middle of the store and show her the clothes. She tries on the ones she like. After trying them on she decided on 14 shirts, 6 jeans, 4 shorts, 3 other pants, and 1 dress. The total was 300.  We go to a few other stores and get about 2 things in each one. After spending a total of 450 we go up to the food court.


Emma runs to Nandos and get 2 Peri-Peri chickens and chips for her. The rest of us just got smoothies and bagels. Emma ate hers in five seconds flat. God what will we do with that girl.


(the rest of the chapter by; 1DKissYou.)

Skylar's POV

we ate all of our lunch. the girls got me a bagel and a smoothie. after we ate i thanked them again for getting me all the clothes. (emily got a little annoyed because i was thanking everyone so much.) and then we went home. i got all the clothes and put them away. i walked into the living room. maddy, emma, emily, and the boys were sitting there in their PJ's. they all staired at me.

"am i missing something?" i said with a smile.

"were gonna watch a movie!" emma said.

"alright, i'll go get my new PJ's on. " i said.

i went into my room. i got on my micky mouse PJ bottoms and a yellow top. i put my hair in a high bun. then i went back into the living room.

"who's sitting were?" emily asked.

"im sitting on the couch!" i called.

i sat down in the middle of the 3 seater couch. zayn sat on my right side. louis sat on my left. emma and niall sat on the loveseat together. "awwww.'' i joked.emma blushed. on the other 3 seater couch was liam, maddy, and emily.

''were am i going to sit?" harry said.

"on the floor.'' emma joked.

''fine maybe i will!" harry said.

harry layed down on the floor.

''what are we watching?" i asked.

"paranormal activitie.'' maddy said.

''no no no. i hate scary movies.'' i said.

''i love them.'' emily said.

''i like every movie. exept for silent movies. they suck.'' emma said.

''fine. i'll watch it. but if i scream in the night it's because of nightmares.'' i said.

''don't worry.'' i'll pretect you.'' zayn said.

i looked into zayn's eyes. emma put the movie on. at first it was'nt scary. zayn put his arm around me. i kept putting my face into his chest every time i got scared. so a lot. i looked over at emma and niall. they were both asleep snuggling.

''someone take a picture!" i said.

louis took a picture. everyone laughed. niall woke up but emma didn't.

''niall do you like emma?" harry asked.

''promise you wont tell?" niall said.

''fine.'' we all said.

when the movie was over, niall, emma, liam, harry, maddy, emily, and zayn were sleep. me and louis were the only ones awake.

i got up and turned off the TV. then i went into the kitchen. louis followed me.

''i'm not even tired.'' i said.

''me neither.'' louis said.

i went to get a glass of milk. i felt a hand on my sholder. i dropped the glass cup. it shattered on the floor. everyone woke up but zayn.

''he's a heavy sleeper.'' louis said.

luckly i didn't get any glass on me.

i cleaned it up. i looked at the time. it was 2 am.

''i'm going to sleep.'' i said.

i went into my room. i closed the door. i layed down in my bed. i couldn't fall asleep. i was just lying there. then i heard voices outside my door. i listened.

''so niall you like emma?" i heard zayn's voice said.

''yes. is it true you like skylar?" niall said.

''yes. i wont tell emma, if you don't tell skylar.'' zayn said.

''deal.'' niall said.

zayn liked me?



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