Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



5. Not chapter- Character looks

Emily- light brown curly hair- goes to shoulders, laughs a lot, blue eyes, doesn't wear makeup-ever, girly, quiet, smart, small nose, tall, fav in one direction is Liam, popular in school

Emma-dark brown wavy hair-goes to shoulders, green eyes, small nose, 5'6, not confident(why she wears makeup), bullied in school, tomboy, loves British football, banters a lot, swimmer, fav in One direction is Niall, swears a lot, sassy

Mady- blonde hair-goes to butt, blue eyes, small nose, girly, loud, confident, cheerleader, happy, fav in one direction is Harry, slutty(sorry girl love you-she isn't like that just for story...will play out later), not very smart

All are 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sorry not chapter..just so u know the characters better & w don't actually look or act like this..just for story <3 -Emma


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