Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



2. Meeting Up/House Tour

Emily's P.O.V

I could feel myself panicking as I tried to tidy up the house. It needs to be perfect, I think before scrubbing at the dining table.

I was living in this big new house alone and I was lonely. I was bored out of my mind all the time and I wanted a room mate.

I was alone since I was 17 and I hated it.

I wanted a new start in London so now, 19, I can.

With a new job that pays amazing, I have a huge place to call my own. 

I can do whatever I want now.


The sound of the doorbell scared me half to death, making me drop my cleaning tools.

I cursed under my breath and hurried around the house to fix up somethings, while putting some other away.

"One minute!" I called loud enough for the person to hear.

I put the cleaning things away and rushed down the wood stairs and opened the door to see to brunette girls looking at me with wide smiles on their faces.

"Hello!" I greeted warmly.

"Come in, I'll show you around." I say. They step into my house and look around with wide eyes.

"You live here? Alone?" The first girl asks in awe.

"Yeah... Is that weird?" I ask nervously with a giggle.

"N-No. She didn't mean t-that. She just meant that its cool." The second girl said with a laugh.

"Its fine. I didn't get your names. I'm Emily. You two are..." I trail off, and as I expected they responded.

"Emma and this is Madison-" Emma got cut off by her friend.

"But please, call me Maddy." She says grinning. I chuckle.

"Well do you guys want to see your maybe bedrooms and all the other rooms?" I ask with a smile.

They nod.

"Sure." Madiso- I mean, Maddy said with a shrug.

Two hours went by and I finally had finished showing the two the house. We went out in the backyard and sat on the floor, our feet in the pool.

"So what do you think?" I asked in a hopefulness, eyeing the girls every second or so.

"Oh my gosh... I cant even begin... It was amazing" Madison spoke. I smiled at her.

"Thank you." I whispered before turning to Emma.

"How about you?" 

"Loved it!" Emma squeals as she claps, excited.

"So whats your decision?" I question nervously, flipping my hair so it laid on my back.

Madison and Emma looked at each other before yelling out, "we want it!" 

I did a little happy dance with them.

Yes! They want it!

"So when are you moving in? Remember there's no rush." I say. They smirk.

"How about after tomorrow? There's the carnival tomorrow and Madison and I do not want to miss it." Emma said in a serious tone. I giggled.

"No problem." I say smoothly.

"You come whenever you need to. You have my number so you know when to call." I speak.

"Oh and we had a question, since were all going to be living together, do you want to come to the carnival with us?" Madison asks. I smile for like the millionth time today.

"Sure. Text me about it, okay?" I tell them. They nod.

"We should be heading back now. Jet leg is getting to me." Madison says with a giggle.

I smirk.

"Okay so see you guys tomorrow?" Emma nods.

"Yep. See you tomorrow, Emily!" She calls as she and Madison walk through the gates disappear down the road.

I step back into the house and smile. 

London is finally getting exciting.




This is Swaggytothemoon

I'm the co writer!!

I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Be sure to comment! :) xx


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