Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



10. Louis' new girlfriend

(chapter by; 1DKissYou)

Louis' POV

i was so excited for the boys and the girls to meet my new girlfriend Norah.she has blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. she is super model skinny. she ios beautiful. we have been together for 2 weeks now. i called all the girls to come to our house and i got all the boys in the living room. as soon as all the girls and boys were there i walked in.

"your probably wondering why i gathered you here today.'' i said.

''yes at 7am too.'' zayn said rubbing his eyes.

''well, i have been seeing someone.'' i said.

''who boo bear?" harry asked.

''her name is Norah.'' i said.

''we have to meet her.'' niall said.

''you can. NORAH YOU CAN COME IN NOW.'' i said.

Norah came into the living room from the kitchen. her blonde hair was in a high pony tail, she was wearing a lot of makeup, as always. she was wearing a short red dress and some black high heels.

''wow.'' harry said.

''yup.'' i said as i kissed Norah.

''she's pretty.'' harry said.

''yes. but she's MINE.'' i said.

''i know.'' harry said.

norah was the same hight as me. i sat down on a chair. Norah sat down on me. she was so light.


Emma's POV

Maddy and skylar were sitting beside me.

''what is she 20 pounds?" i wispered to both of them.

''i think 10 pounds of that is her makeup.'' Maddy said.

''nice dress. weres the other half?" skylar said.

''whatcha girls wispering about?" liam asked.

"nothing.'' all three of us said.

emily came and sat on the floor infront of us.

''she's like a living barbie doll.'' Emily said.

''i know right?" i said.

Norah kept kissing louis like every 2 seonds.

''there are people in the room.'' emily said.

''well than.'' Norah said.

''i gotta go louis, i have a photoshoot.'' Norah said as she kissed him one last time and left.

''so she is a model...'' maddy said.

''should we say something to louis?" skylar asked.

"no, he seems to be happy.'' i said.

''do you guys like Norah?" louis asked.

''she's sure.... something.'' emily said.

skylar and i laughed at the same time.

''alright. why don't you like her?" louis said.

''i think it would be easyer to list why we DO like her.'' skylar said.

i high fived skylar.

''whatever. i think she's perfect.'' louis said.

louis left the room.

''i'll go talk to him.'' harry said as he left after louis.

zayn, niall, liam, skylar, maddy, emily and i all huddled together.

''what do you guys think of her?" maddy asked.

''we think the same as you girls.'' zayn said.

''she was so clinged attached to him.'' i said.

''you noticed too?" niall said.

''louis seems to really like her.'' emily said.

''what does he see in her?" maddy said.

''i don't know.'' everyone said at the same time.

everyone sat back down. louis and harry came back.

''you guys should hangout with Norah, maybe she could be your friend too?" louis said.

all the girls looked at each other. skylar as been around for like 2 days and i can tell she can tell what we are thinking. she fits in so well.

''erm... uh... COMING!" maddy said.

''oh i think they called me too.'' emily said leaving with maddy.

''skylar, emma?" louis said.

maddy called me and skylar.

''sorry we have to go.'' i said. me and skylar ran to maddy and emily.

''so it's agreed, none of us like Norah?" emily said.

''agreed!" we all said.


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