Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



3. Carnival

**Hey loves, sorry we haven't updated in a while but we all are busy. My mom is making me do things with a annoying family EVERY day so I have NOOO time. It sucks living in your parents house...anyways I hope you like the story so far.. and Mady has been really busy also but hopefully she will get to write some!** -Emma :)


Em's P.O.V.

So after Mady and I moved to London we thought the flat was WAAYY too big so we decided to move somewhere else. We found out our old friend Emily wanted roommates so we moved in her house. After we unpacked everything in our new flat we got dressed to go to the carnival.

Emily put on white jeans with a orange lace shirt with a white cami on. She also put on orange vans with natural makeup on, and hair in a braid. Mady put on a One Direction tee with dark jeans, white Toms, no makeup like always and hair down. I put on a red varsity jacket with a black cami, ripped jean, and red vans. I put on my regular makeup which included- foundation, bronzer, canceler, eyeliner, mascara, light brown eye shadow and Baby Lips Peach Kiss.(I LOVE THIS LIP BALM I HAVE MY OWN!) I know I wear a lot of makeup- it's not because I'm girly- I'm the TOTAL opposite, it's because I have NO self-confidence at all. Mostly because I have always been bullied...anyways BACK TO THE FUN SH*T!

I run down stairs and I grab my black clutch and run outside to the car- you could say I was ecstatic. I hop in the back cause I SUCK at driving. Emily drives and Mady sits in the front."WOHO LET'S GOOO BI-A-T-CHES" I yell. FYI I cuss a lot!!:)

Once we get there I run to the ticket booth. "600 tickets please!!" I smile at the attendant.

"Whoa, Em do we really need that much?" Mady, and Emily ask.

I stare at then and gasp. "Fine, I'll take them all." They laugh at that and we ride a few rides. We decide to go on the Ferris wheel...

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