Once in a lifetime chance (one direction) *on hold*

Best friends Emma and Madison move to London England Summer '13. We have a normal few weeks until we go to the carnival and meet some people they never thought they'd see come on the Ferris wheel with them. After a while they all get closer and tempers will rise and jealously will take over them. How will they survive the drama? Will they love the same or be broken in a million pieces? Find out in Once in a Lifetime Chance!



18. Award show

Skylar's POV (Chapter By: 1DKissYou)

i woke up. today was the award show. i'm not going with zayn. i brush my teeth and hair, i stay in my Pj's and i go into the living room to see the girls talking.

"Hi." i said sitting down beside Mady.

"Your phone keeps going off and it's dricing us crazy!" Mady said.

"But we can't guess the passcode!' Emily said.

"just give it to me." i said grabbing ym phone.

i had 38 calls from zayn, and 20 texts from him also. my phone went off again. it was Louis. i answered it

"Hello?" i said.

"I assume you are not going to be zayn's date to the award show." Louis said.

"Deffinatly not." i said.

"i know this is last minute, but would you like to go with me?" Louis asked.

"I would love too." i said.

"Your dress is blue right?' He asked.

"yeah.. why?" i asked.

"i'm going to wear a blue tie." louis said.

"alright." i said.

"now you girls get ready, the award show is in 4 hours." louis said hanging up.

"I'm going with Louis!" I said.

"Let's get ready!" Emma said.

we all went into our rooms to get our dresses and shoes on. then we all went into Emily's room and we would do each other's hair and makeup.

we went into Emily's room. everyone looked beautiful.

"Wow!" Emma said.

"you guys look-" Emily said.

"beautiful!" i said.

"yup!" Mady said.

"i'm first for hair and makeup!" Emily called.

emily sat in the chair.

"hm..." Emma said.

"i say we should do a loose crown braid!" I said.

"with strands hanging  out." Mady said.

"yes!" Emma said.

we did a crown braid in her hair.

"Now what about her makeup?" Mady asked.

"We should do a smokey eye." Emma said.

"alright!" Mady said.

we put cover up on her, and we but pink blush, we used a eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and we did the smokey eye. we also put on light pink lipstick with lip gloss.

"Beautiful!" i said.

"my turn!" Emma said.

"What shall we do for Emma..?" Mady says.

"how about my favorite colour?' Emily says.

"SPARKLES!" emily says.

we did a silver sparkle eyeshadow, and we did red lipstick on her,cover up, which looked really nice. we put a pink blush on her also, and we used an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss.

"And hair?" Emma asks.

"How about we straighten it and leave it down?" Mady says.

"sure." we all agree.

we straightened Emma's hair. she looked beautiful.

"my turn!" i said as i sat in the chair.

"hmm..." Emma says.

"Let's curl her hair, and then put it back into a high pony tail, but make sure it;s back so there is no fly aways." Emily says.

"brilliant!" Mady says.

we did that. then we did makeup.

"how about blue eyeshadow, to match, her eyes, and he dress?" Emma says.

"Yes!" i said.

they put blue eyeshadow on me. then they did cover up, used an eyebrow pencil, pink blush, eyeliner, mascara, and we put a nude colour lipstick on with lip gloss.

i looked beautiful.

"Now Mady!" I say.

mady sit's in the chair.

how about no eye shadow, just cats eye eyeliner?" Emily says.

"Sure." ady says.

we put on cover up, cats eye eyeliner, mascara, we used an eyebrow pencil, pink blush, pink lipstick and lip gloss. we all looked at each other.

we looked beautiful.

we all put on perfume and our high heals.

even if i had high heals on i would still be short.

i looked at the time. it was 6, thats when the boys would come and pick us up. then the doorbell rang.

"COME IN!" Mady says.

the boys come in. we all walk downstairs.

"Why don't all of you look beautiful." Harry says.

i was all smiley. i walked over to louis. he looked really handsome. then i looked at zayn. who had Perrie clutched to his arm. i just looked back at Louis. Louis made me happy.

"Ready to go babe?' Louis says.

"Yup." i said.

"You look amazing." he says.

"you look handsome." i say as everyone gets into the limo.

-Skip Drive.-

once we get there we get out of the limo. everyone was screaming. we walked on the red carpet with Paul in front of us. we walked into the building. we took our seats in the -Private, no fans aloud,- part were we where suposto sit.

they started to call who won the best single award.

"And the nominee's are....

when your ready come and get it- by selena gomez,

heart attack- by demi lovato

boyfriend- by justin beiber

and good old

what makes you beautiful- by one direction.

"and the votes are in the winner of the best pop single is...."

i smiled at Lousi hoping they will win.

"What makes you beautiful by one direction!"

we all smiled and hugged each other. then the  boys went up.

Harry grabbed the mic.

"We would like to thank some special ladys, give it up for... Mady, Emily, Emma, and skylar!" Harry says.

then zayn grabs the mic and says,

"And Perrie!"

all the boys came back with their award.

"yay!" i said.

Louis kised my forehead.

"next, is our best female singers and their most popular songs,

the nominee's are...

Taylor swift, I knew you were trouble.

Demi Lovato, Heart attack,

Selena gomez, who says,

Katy perry, wide awake,

and Cher lloyd, want you back!"

"and the winner is.... Taylor swift, i knew you  were trouble!''

taylor went up and got her award.

the award show kept going on, so far the boys have won,

Best single,

Hottest album,

and best music video.

and there was one more award.

"and the nominee's for Best band are..."

"you guys are going to win the one.." Mady says.


Little Mix,

One direction,and the wanted!"

"and the winner is..... One direction!" they called.

Perrie sat back down in her seat.

they boys went up and got their last award.

i was so proud of them, all of us were proud of them.

"and that's are award show.. good night!"

we all got back into the limo.

-Skip drive.-

the boys went back  to their house and we went to ours.

we all got into our PJ's.

"that was awesome." Mady says.

"Yes, i want to go to more award shows." Emily says.

"want to know something?" i sais.

"what?" Emma asks.

"wouldn't it be cool to be part of an award show.. i mean, be nominated for stuff." i said.

"you mean be famous?" Emma asked.

"yeah. i have always woundered what that would be like. being a famous singer, or being in a famous band." i said.

"have you guys ever woundered that?" i asked.

"okay maybe i have.." Emily sais.

"hasen't everyone?" mady asked.

"Emma?" i said

"yes i have woundered that before.." she said.

i looked at the time.

it was 3 am.

"okay i'm going to bed." i said.

"same." all the girl said at the same time. we all went to bed. award shows can really tire you out.


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