Different ~A Niall Horan Fanfiction~

''You are so different, I love that''.

Franceska lives near Victoria Station with her mum and her little sister, Ester.
Franceska is 17 years old and her life has been boring and quite common, she had never been really in love but it is just a matter of time to feel romance when she first meet Niall Horan.


3. Scary Cuddling.

Franceska's P.O.V

''Ladies first'', Niall smirked as he held the door for me.

''Thank you'', I mumbled and went inside ahead Elina and Zayn.

''So guys'', Elina said and sounded excited.

I took of my ballerinas and scratched my shoulder swiftly.

''We should watch a scary movie'', Elina smiled.

''Sure'', Niall laughed.

''Awesome'', Zayn said and his and Elina's hands got intertwined.

''Guys... I don't know, I not a big fan of scary movies'', I said and crossed my arms. The truth was I was really scared of movies like that. Elina always forced me to watch scary movies when we were little and I used to watch them to the end, but still, scary movies is not my cup of tea nor something I wanted to watch tonight.

''Please, Frans! It'll we fun'', Elina smiled.

''Yeah, you said that about tonight too''. I rolled my eyes.

''And it wasn't?'', Elina grinned and looked at Niall and my cheeks turned red.

''Let me just change clothes, I borrow something from you, Elina'', I blushed and went up stairs.

''Fine'', Elina glee and went to the living room with the boys and I could hear Niall chuckle.

I opened Elina's bedroom door gently and went straight to her closet. As I opened the drawer I heard my phone vibrate in my bag. I quickly picked it up to see what it was, as I opened the phone I saw a message from Facebook ''Niall Horan sent you a friend request!''.

I blushed and clicked ''accept''.

Oh god, he was perfect, I though to myself as I saw his profile picture.

''Frans, what are you doing up there!? We're gonna start the movie!'', Elina yelled from downstairs.

I swiftly took off my clothes and tried to find her grey shorts that she used to sleep in when I lived with her, me and Elina decided to move here to London by ourselves and our parents though it was a great idea to have some adventure and settle down, but suddenly my mum missed me so much so she packed her bags and moved here too. My mum always wanted to live in London and this was like a dream that came true for her, and for me too. But ever since we moved here  my mum says I've become happier. Even though she want me to do something with my life, I think moving to London was a great experience. And something I will never regret.

I found the shorts on the floor right infront of me. 

''Oh Elina'', I whispered and shook my head as I took them up and changed.

The only thing that was left was a shirt so I took a plain white t-shirt and some warm socks on.

My feet were always cold so I slept with socks on and that was a thing Elina teased me about.

''Frans!'', Elina yelled again.

''Coming!'', I said and ran down the stairs.

''Great, we were patient'', Elina said and pointed at the TV to show me that they didn't start the movie yet.

I sighed and moved to the sofa.

''Here'', Niall smiled and patted at the place next to him.

I took a deep breathe and settled down next to his shoulder.

''Thank you'', I almost whispered and I could here Elina and Zayn mumble something.

''Ready?'', Elin laughed at me.

''No'', I said and looked at her.

''Great'', she said and started to movie.

The intro was something about glass that were crossed, blood on the floor and stuff like that, but I couldn't resist to look at Niall he looked so innocent but still so powerful.


Niall's P.O.V

The movie had been on for one hour and Franceska was already asleep and so was Elina.

''Are you tired?'', Zayn asked me.

''Kinda'', I nodded at him and yawned.

''Me too'', Zayn smiled and turned to TV off.

''You are staying over the night, right?'', Zayn asked me and picked up Elina in his arms. 

''If it's okay, I guess...'', I said and smiled at the alseep Franceska beside me.

''I will go up with her'', Zayn smiled and looked at Elina.

''Okay, I guess I'll sleep on the sofa'', Niall laughed.

''Is it okay?'', Zayn said and looked guilty.

''Of course'', I nodded at him.

''Are you sure?'', Zayn said as she was on the way up with Elina in his arms.

''100 procent'', I mumbled and looked at Franceska again.

''You are so beautiful'', I barely whispered.

Franceska mumbled something in her sleep as she moved over to my chest.

I wrapped breathlessly my arms around her and putted my chin on her head.

Her hair gently tickled my nose and the fragrance of vanilla filled my lungs as I took a deep breathe.

''Niall'', she mumbled and I couldn't tell if she talked in her sleep or she was awake, but I still answered.

''Yes?'', I whispered into her ear.

Franceska sighed and moved closer to me.

I heard that Zayn was the way downstairs and Franceska did a grumpy face when she heard the noise from the stairs.

''Niall, there is an extra bed up if you want'', Zayn says as he went in the living room.

''Or maybe not'', he smiled and looked at Franceska.

I chuckled quietly and shook my head at him.

''Can't wait too see you guys together'', Zayn laughed as he went up to Elina again.

I laughed quiet for myself and looked at Franceska one last time before I close my eyes.


Franceska's P.O.V

My eyes fluttered and I found out that the chest I rested my body on was Niall's.

The chock made me froze and I didn't know what to do. Should I stay in his protective arms? Should I swiftly move away? I decided to lay there, atleast until Niall wakes up.

''Goodmorning'', I heard the thick irish accent above my head.

''G-goodmorning'', I said and sat up quickly.

''No it's okay'', Niall said and opened his arms.

I gasped and looked at him as I went back to the position I had earlier.

''What time is it?'', I whispered.

''10 AM'', Niall said and I could feel his smile on the top of my head.

I nodded and his arms wrapped around me tighter and as response I laid my head on his collarbone. 

It was too good to be true, that I laid here, in an angels arms. What would Elina say if she saw this? The thoughts were running through my mind but I couldn't help myself to smile a little.

''Oh my god'', I heard Elina whisper behind us and my smile became brighter.

''Zayn! Look! I think they are asleep'', Elina whispered and I heard Zayn's footsteps.

I were just about to sit up but Niall pulled me down again.

''Schh'', he whispered as quiet as he could and the smile on his lips made me stay.

''I knew that would happen'', Zayn laughed and left the room.

''That's adorable'', Elina sighed and went after Zayn.

When they both left I looked up at Niall and we both giggled along.

''Thank you for being my blanket'', Niall smiled.

''Thank you for being my pillow'',  I grinned and put my head back on his chest.

A long time passed and suddenly I heard Niall's voice,

''We should try this again sometime'', he smiled.

I nodded and felt his hands on my waist.

''Yes, we should''.


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