Different ~A Niall Horan Fanfiction~

''You are so different, I love that''.

Franceska lives near Victoria Station with her mum and her little sister, Ester.
Franceska is 17 years old and her life has been boring and quite common, she had never been really in love but it is just a matter of time to feel romance when she first meet Niall Horan.


1. Only the beginning.

''Is that all?'', I smiled at the red haired costumer as he searched for money in his backpack.

''Yeah... Or wait, that Blueberry scone'', he said and gave me a smile.

''7.95, please'', I said as I took the scone and putted it in the bag.

The red haired boy gave me the money and right after he closed the café door I thanked him.

''I think that was my last costumer'', I smiled at Elina, my best friend and my workmate.

''Alright Frans'', she said with her soft voice and I gave her my green apron.

''See you tomorrow! Or I mean if you will work'', I said and collected my stuff.

''Positive, my shift starts 10 AM, so yes, see you!'', Elina smiled at me and waved.

I threw my brown bag over my shoulder as I headed to the bus stop.

I picked up the umbrella and brought it up.

The rain fell lightly on the plastic material, I loved that sound.

I smiled a little for myself as I sat down on the bench waiting for the bus to arrive.

''Franceska!'', I heard behind me.

I turned around and a big smile landed on my face.

''Matt! Hi!'', I said and hugged him.

''Long time, no see'', Matt smiled.

''Yes I haven't seen you for like ages! How have you been?'', I asked and offered him to sit on the bench.

''Amazing! I'm studying to become a lawyer'', Matt said and flipped his hair.

''Wow really!?'', I asked surprised.

''Yes'', he laughed.

''That is amazing, Matt! Well... I am working in the café across the street'',I said and sighed.

''Thanks, and oh, that sounds fun'', he said and untied his jacket.

''Kinda'', I laughed.

''Then you'll have to give me free coffee'', he grinned.

''You bet'', I grinned back at him.

''Oh are you going with the bus?'', Matt asked and grabbed my arm.

''Yes, why? Are you?'',I said and got ready as I saw the red bus crawl to the bus stop.

''Yeah, do you want to have company?'', he smiled.

''That's a offer I can't say no to'', I laughed and got in the bus with Matt behind me.

Matt and I have been good friends since school and he had always been there for me.

''How is Jade?'', I asked him as he sat down next to me.

''Jade? Uh well, we broke up a few months ago...'', Matt said and looked out of the window.

''Oh! I am sorry... I shouldn't have... I mean, I didn't knew'', I said and patted his back.

The atmosphere felt blurry when he didn't smile.

''It's alright'', he sighed and I removed my hand.

''So'', he started and I saw that his lips were about to form a smirk.

''Hm?'', I nodded.

''How is your love life then, Franceska?'', Matt grinned.

''Oh jesus'', I laughed.

''Nope, no romance'', I said and sighed.

''You will find ''the one'' someday, Frans'', he said.

''Yeah I hope''.

''You will! And when you meet this boy you will understand why it didn't work out with the others, you will feel it...'', Matt said and looked at me.

''Feel what, Matt?'', I asked as I fingered on my floral skirt.

''Feel that it was meant to be'', he said and looked at me with his almost grey eyes.

''You're right'', I shone up and smiled.

Matt always had something smart to say, I looked out of the window and stood up.

''This is my station'', I sighed.

''Well, see you around Frans! Maybe we could grab a coffee sometime!'', Matt smiled and gave me a hug before I went out of the bus.

''I would love to!'', I shouted after him as the bus started to move to the next station and I saw Matt waving at me.

I went in to the little apartment at my left and as soon as I stepped in I could smell the fresh fragrance of a stew.

''Franceska?'', I heard my mum yell from the kitchen.

''I am here, I am here'', I said and putted down my bag and took off my grey coat.

''How was work?'', she smiled as she stood right next to me.

''Normal, I guess'', I said and kissed her cheek.

''Normal, normal, all the time! You need to do something with your life, sweetie'', mum said and crossed her arms.

''It's not that easy... I mean really what did you do with your life at my age?'', I asked and went to the livingroom.

''Well, I started dating boys... Maybe it's time for you to meet some'', mum winked at me.

''Oh god mum stop!'', I laughed and threw a pillow at her.

''Dinner is ready, get Ester'', she laughed back.

Mum went straight back in the kitchen and left me and our cat, Cher, alone in the sofa.

''I guess it's just you and me'', I said and pet her.

I picked up Cher and went to Ester's room.

''Ester?'', I said as I opened the door to her bedroom.

I saw her blonde hair on the pillow in a ponytail and I saw on her chest moving up and down slowly that she was asleep.

''Ester come on, it's dinner'', I said and pulled her ponytail.

''Yeah, yeah...'', she said and opened her eyes.

''Hey'', I said.

''Hey'', she answered and smiled.

''Alright, come here'', I said and opened my arms and offered her to let me take her to the kitchen.

She nodded and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her for a long time.

''Girls!'', mum yelled from the kitchen.

''Come on Frans, let's go! I am starving'', Ester said and ran to the kitchen before me.

I shock my head and smiled as I went after her to the kitchen.

''How hungry are you on a scale from 1-10, girls?'', mum asked and took our plates.

''10'', I said.

''11'', Ester said.

''Hungry it is'', mum smiled and gave us the plates.

I felt my phone vibrate in my cardigan and the sound of a piano filled the room.

''Can I take this?'', I said and looked at mum.

''Of course'', she said and did a hand gesture for me to leave.

I stood up and went to my room and finally answered.

''Hi Frans!'', I heard a bubbly voice and knew exactly who it was.

''Hey, Elina, I am eating can I call you back?'', I asked.

''This won't take long'', she said.

''Okay... What is it then?'', I said and settled down in my bed.

''Let's go to the pub tomorrow'', she said excited.

''Haha! No chance'', I laughed at her.

''Aww come on! I've already talked to your mum and I know that she wants you to go out more often'', Elina said.

''Ugh fine'', I sighed.

''Yes!'', she cheered.

''But don't expect me to dance'', I said strictly.

''Fine'', Elina laughed.

''Bye love you'', I glee.

''Love you too!'', I heard her say before I hung up.

''Maybe she's right, I need to go out more... Who knows, I might find ''the one'', I thought to myself.

And if I only knew that this, was just the beginning...

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