Different ~A Niall Horan Fanfiction~

''You are so different, I love that''.

Franceska lives near Victoria Station with her mum and her little sister, Ester.
Franceska is 17 years old and her life has been boring and quite common, she had never been really in love but it is just a matter of time to feel romance when she first meet Niall Horan.


2. Gotta have her.

Franceska's P.O.V


''You look so beautiful, Frans'', Elina smiled at me when I turned around in the lace dress.

''I don't know, El... Isn't this... too much, you know?'', I asked and bit my lip.

''Don't be silly, perhaps, I will over shine you'', she smirked and took her blue dress with a black ribbon around the waist.

''That's stunning'', I said and felt the fabric of the wonderful sky dress.

''I knew you would like it'', Elina smiled and went to the bathroom to get ready.

''Ugh, you will take ages, El!'', I laughed at her. Elina was known as a slow person. But that's what makes her Elina. Everyone has flaws, that's what makes us beautiful.

''Very funny'', she laughed and rolled her eyes.

I shook my head and looked out through the big window and saw a white car park next to the house. And I regonized that car.

''Wait, isn't that Zayn?'', I asked her and pointed at the clean white car.

''Didn't I tell you?'', Elina said and continued with the mascara.

''Tell me what?'', I crossed my arms.

''That Zayn, is coming with us'', she smiled.

''I thought this was a girls night out, El!'', I said and looked disappointed.

''Please, Frans! He is a fun party guy, I promise'', Elina laughed.

''But it's just... I am so lonely'', I said and sat down.

Elina and Zayn was a dream couple. They are a perfect match, if you look at them individual you probably can see that they're dating. Elina and Zayn has been going out for one and a half years now. And I've never even had a real boyfriend so I can be kinda jelous when they kiss and stuff, but I love being with Zayn he is hilarious and a great boyfriend for her.

But sometimes it would be fun if it was only me and Elina.

''Ladies, Zayn has arrived'', I heard Zayn's voice interrupt my thoughts.

''Hey, Zayn'', I shooked my head as I gave him a hug.

''You look great, Frans'', he smiled at me.

''Thank you'', I blushed. Taking compliments from a guy isn't so easy for me, it doesn't matter if it's just a hot guy or my dad. I still blush.

''Where is my girl?'', Zayn smiled at me.

''In there'', I pointed at the bathroom.

''Ooohbaabyy are you in theeree?'' Zayn laughed and Elina opened the door.

''Zayny'', she smiled and threw her arms around Zayn's neck. A kissing sound filled the room and I decided to wait outside so I went downstairs and putted my white ballerinas on.

Zayn had left the door wide open so I sneaked out and stood next to Zayn's car.

Maybe this will be fun, I thought to myself and sighed.

Tonight I am letting go.

I am not used to party, and especially not this late.

I saw Elina and Zayn skip out of the door and that brought a smile to myself.

''You guys are amazing together'', I said.

''I know right'', Elina giggled into Zayn's shoulder.

''Thank you'', Zayn smiled and took Elina's hand and went in the car.

I settled down in the back of the car and the leather seats made my legs glue together.

''Oh'', Elina said.

''Wha-?'', Zayn said and took the car keys in his hand.

''Can I sit back with Franceska?'', she asked.

''Of course'', he smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Elina smiled as she opened the door to the back of the car.

''Hi'', she said.

''Heya'', I answered her.

''Let's do this! Wohoo!'', Elina yelled.

Zayn laughed and hit the pedal as the car started moving.

I looked out of the window and saw young teenagers smoking and punching each other.

''I don't think this is a good idea'', I looked at Elina.

''Oh come on, teenagers do stuff like that all the time'', she rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm.

''Yeah, that's kinda the problem'', I said and did a frustrated hand gesture.

''This is one night, Frans, not a week'', Elina said.

''I know'', I sighed.

''Never been out partyin'?'', I heard Zayn from the front of the car.

''You tell me'', I laughed and shook my head.

''It will be awesome, Frans'', he smiled.


The car stopped and I froze and so did I for a minute.


I looked up at Elina and Zayn who were outside of the car.

''Are you coming with us...or?'', she continued.

''Y-yes of course'', I blinked twice and got out of the vehicle.

Elina smiled at me and flipped away my strawberry blond hair from my shoulder.

The music kept strumming in my ears and the smell of perfume and alcohol filled my lungs.

Disgusting, I thought to myself.

When we were half through the room I stopped and took a breath.

''Franceska, I understand if you want to sit down, please do if you prefer to take it slow'', Zayn said and smiled at me.

''Thank you'', I said and looked at him.

''You can always find us later, okay? We'll be right there, and when we go home you can sleep at my place and we will watch some movies!'', Elina smiled and pointed at the other side of the room.

I sat down in the bar and the bartender stood right infront of me.

''Anything you'll like?'', she smiled.

''Do you have water?'', I laughed.

''Of course, you're new hm?'', she smiled at me and gave me water bottle.

''Yeah'', I smiled back at her and drank a little as she went to the next costumer.

''A regular beer, please'', I heard someone behind me.

''Alright hun'', the bartender said and winked.

''Oh they had water?'', the beautiful voice continued right behind my ear.

I looked back and saw the most beautiful boy I've ever seen, his blond hair laid perfectly on his forehead and his grey shirt sat tight to his torso, and his eyes... Indescribable.

Oh crap, I've stared at him for a long time now...I tried to look like I looked for my friends behind him.

The boy looked questioningly at me.

''O-oh yes, I don't drink'', I smiled at him. Oh jesus, he was irresistible. How could anyone so perfect even look at someone like me? 

''I see'', the boy smiled and took a seat next to me.

I tried to smile back without staring to much, but I couldn't resist...

''So, if you're not a ''party-girl'', what are you doing here?'' he smirked at me.

''Oh well...My friends brought me here, Zayn and Elin'', I laughed nervous.

''Hm... Zayn who?'', he moved closer to me and I took a deep breath.

''Zayn Malik'', I looked at my watter bottle to avoid his eyes.

''Hey! I know him'', the angel boy smiled.

''Oh you do?'', I swallowed.

''Yes, we're good friends actually, since school'', he chuckled.

''Oh'', I said because I didn't know how to finish the conversation. Why didn't Zayn ever mention him?

I couldn't hear anything in the room but my heartbeat, it felt like my chest were about to explode. I wasn't very used to talk with boys.

''Niall, by the way'', Niall smiled and shook my hand.

''Franceska'', I blushed.

''Oh that's a beautiful name'', Niall smirked.

''T-thank you'', I said quiet.

''I am nothing of a party freak either'', Niall laughed. 

''Oh, so what are you doing here then, Niall?'', I smiled.

''Same reason as you, my friends don't want me to sit home alone but it seems like they ditched me'', he moved closer as our shoulders almost touched.

''Niall! Mate!'', I heard Zayn next to us.

''Zayn, hey'', Niall shone up and gave him a high five.

''I see you found Frans'', Zayn chuckled.

''Yes I did'', Niall said and looked at my eyes.

''Franceska, can I talk to you?'', Elina said and reached for my hand.

''O-of course, I'll be back soon, Niall'', I blushed and Elina took the lead.

''Take your time'', Niall smiled.

Elina leaded me to the corner in the room and started giggle.

''Elina... What's so funny? What is it?'', I sighed.

''I've known Niall for a very long time, him and Zayn is like best mates'', she smiled.

''And...?'', I took her arm.

''Niall never looks at girls like he looked at you last minute'', she said.

''Oh Elina come o-'', I started.

''How come you never heard of him?! Every girl in here would go nuts if they knew he was here'', Elina said excited.

''What? Is he famous or something?'', I said disgusted.

''Frans, come on! Have you seen him? He looks like an angel'', she said and crossed her arms.

''You've got that right'', I smiled.

''What if things works out for you guys, we can go on double dates and we ca-!'', Elina said and I put a hand on her mouth.

''Wow slow down'', I laughed.

''But seriously, go get him, girl'', Elina grined and pushed me forward.

Niall was stunning. Since I saw him everything else got blurry. I don't know if you can call it love at first sight but I was absolutely posetive that it was something like that.

''You're back'', Niall smiled and took my hand as he led me to the chair again.

''I am'', I smiled at the floor and I heard Elin and Zayn disappeared, I guess they wanted to leave us alone.

''So, Franceska, tell me about yourself'', Niall smirked.

''Well... uhm'', I smiled. I am so stupid, just tell him something!

''Errr, I leave here in Victoria Station with my mom and sister''.

What that the best thing that I came up with? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

''Oh I see, I live here in the county too'', he smiled.

I shone up as I saw his eyes again, angel, he must be a angel. I mean how can you look like that without being one?

''Anything else?'', Niall asked.

''Well, I work café down the street'', I bit my lip.

''Oh the new one? I haven't eat there yet,  I really need to try the place out, maybe I could grab a snack down there'', he smiled at me.

''Oh yes you should'', I laughed.



Niall's P.O.V

Me and Franceska had talked for hours. I really liked her, she was special.

''So where do you work?'', her soft voice asked.

''Just at a music shop, actually pretty near the café'', I smiled at her.

''Oh that's amazing'', she blushed and looked at the floor.

I took away some hair locks from her face and she blushed harder.

''Thank you'', she smiled.

''Sorry, I couldn't resist, the hair covered your eyes'', I said and smirked.

Why did I say that? Oh I am so stupid...I could see that she felt uncomfortable.

''Guys, we're leaving'', Elina yelled across the room as they moved closer.

''Niall, why don't you come with us?'', Zayn asked.

''Sure'', I said and looked at Franceska as she smiled at me.

''Then let's go'', Elina said and her and Zayn got out and moved to the car.

As Franceska stood up I did the same.

''I guess we will some spend time together from now'', I smiled at her.

Franceska blushed and nodded.

She was so beautiful...I gotta have her.

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