The vampire's journal

About a young vampire finding her way in the muggle world.Only to be taunted by her the thought of...................


4. what's with the metal bars

I slowly gain my consciousness, as bloods was still dripping down my forehead.See I no it's a horrible things to say but If I was normal i'd be dead and this will all be over with, but nooo I had to be super natural.As i put my two fingers into the gun shot, I grabbed the miss sharpen bullet and thought It somewhere in front of me.I heard the bullet bounce across the floor only for the sound to make a sudden stop.One of the men the stood at my door trapped the bullet under his shoe as he signaled the other man that I had woken up. He then signaled someone else, I had never seen that shadow before.A voice that sounded familiar to me spoke,

'I'm going to do to you exactly what you did to the innocent man, make his life hell!'

'step into the light',I demanded 

hu, I would have guess, my so called mother. she smirked at me as she grabbed sharpened pencil's and held them like darts.I looked around in a panic and realized that I was enclosed in metal cell.

'NO PLEASE, you know what happens when I get angry,I black out, I don't know what im doing I could hurt you'

'Nice try but im gonna do to you exactly what you did to him, and there's no escape, because these bars are covered in an willow trees sap,which i happen to know burns you, I guess that's why It made you quiet when I slipped It into your mouth, when you were little'.my mum explained.

she darted 5 pencil's at me. I could move the cell was to small.1 pencil was reflected off a par but 4 of them came crashing into my chest making droplets of blood to drop onto my legs and before I knew It I felt my eye's rolling back into my head, I collapsed with my senses weakening out but,even though my mum made It her life's mission to hurt and possibly kill me. all I want is her forgiveness. I hadn't blackout since that night, I don't want to talk about It but all i'll say Is It involved a body and alot of blood.It was like I was in a trans.

I heard blood dripping onto the floor, my ears suddenly awakened. I was desperately trying to open my eyes, finally they opened. the 2 men were at the side on the room breathing heavily holding the chests covered In blood and mum was face down on the floor in front of me.

what have I done.

I tried to reach her but the metal bars were in my way.


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