The vampire's journal

About a young vampire finding her way in the muggle world.Only to be taunted by her the thought of...................


5. Monsters don't always have fur

'Please wake up muma please'

silence filled the air as I held my breathe, with one arm through the metal bars reaching out to her.

I gasp of air suddenly moved my mum's chest, she was now breathing,she tried so hard and slowly started picking up her hands, that were shaking with all the fright.She turned her head and looked at me she smiled I thought she was trying to reach out to me when suddenly and quickly she drew gun from her back pocket and shot me in the head.

Now I was pushed up against the concrete wall with more blood staining my body.

why can't i just die. I squinted my eyes but so i could could still see.

'you nothing more than a mistake, as soon as we found out you were some kind of monster, I hated you, I wanted to give you away, but your fa.... never mind the point is you belong with the devil himself, so anyway do you remember these men?' she crocked.

I turned my head left to right.

'well you should, they were your dad's best friends. Who want to know where there best friend went, so I did what any one in my situation would do and told them everything and as you've just proved, I wasn't feeding them a scene of twilight, I thought you could tell them yourself'. mum mumbled.

I was starting to get angry again as I ran at my speed into the metal bars. My arms just skimmed her neck as she jumped back.

my eyes became blood shot as she spoke.

In a deep voice I shouted,

'I didn't mean to, I'm not a monster'


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