The vampire's journal

About a young vampire finding her way in the muggle world.Only to be taunted by her the thought of...................


6. love is in the blood???

so its been 3 days since they left, SHE left with scratches up and down her arms and legs and open gashes across her faces, yes faces but for some reason I cant help but feel sorry for her.The men well lets just say I dont think plastic surgery an option,there fault really they shouldn't make me angry,which is why u know I did what I did.

3 whole days I havn't fed once im slowly losing my stregth witch decreases my chances of getting out of here.I've tried screaming but know one can here me. I've tried breaking the bars but they just burn me , look like this is how im going to desicate. 

day4: can bearly stand up.

day5:can't lift my right arm.

day6:nearly all feelings gone in my legs.

day7:I can't pick my head up of the floor.

day8:my stomoch eating away at me.

day9:I only saw like what 3 minutes of day, as the rest I blaclked out.

day10:im in my bed back at mrs.rox house.


How did that happen?Last thing I remember I was staring at concrete floor covered in blood and struggling to keep my eyes My hungers gone to what the hell happened to me?.


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