The vampire's journal

About a young vampire finding her way in the muggle world.Only to be taunted by her the thought of...................


2. I curled up

I curled up, well what was I meant to, do just sit there and take the bullet , when my mum was one pulling the trigger.

I guess it's kinda lucky I can move fast or Id be on my way to a morg right now.Thank god mrs.Rox put me in a room at the back of the house or id have bricks entering my  24/7=31 LOL. I'm so glad I have the obscure features.


I don't really have any friends to talk to everyone just think I'm trouble because my mum curses me,when they don't even no the half of the story. OK so my mum does have reason to hate me and want to kill me but she knows I cant control what happens to , it's like to personality's one half of me wants friends and to have Facebook like all the other teenagers but the other side of my wants a all you can eat of human body's.

I never asked for any of this, I never wanted this.Who would want to hurt there family's, or who would want there families to hurt them...

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