One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


22. ::Chapter Twenty::


I looked at the unconscious body that belonged to Charlie, my eyes continuously glancing at her heart monitor, to make sure she was still alive. The doctors had said she was in a coma but was to be expected to pull through.

The woman that had hit her hadn’t been so lucky.

I knew within the hour the boys would have to come and get me, so we could perform. I had been told fans were disappointed and upset that I had missed sound check but once they were told that I was visiting a close friend in the hospital, they became so understanding. And now on Twitter, were saying that they were praying for my friend.

If only Charlie was my friend, because right now who knew. She probably hated me.

The door quietly creaked open and I took my gaze off of Charlie, looking at the person entering, standing up as soon as I recognized Charlie’s doctor. He was holding a bag that looked familiar.

“This is Charlie’s belongings that were with her, before the accident. Paramedics asked me to give it you; you are her boyfriend, right?” The doctor asked, holding the bag out to me.

“No, I’m not her boyfriend,” I said quietly but took the bag anyway. “But I’m a close friend, thank you.”

The doctor nodded and turned and left, after handing me the bag. I sat back down in my chair and set the bag on my lap, my hand touching it, liking the feeling of the bag’s softness. My fingertips grazed the top of a piece of paper and I quietly took it out of the bag.

The top of it read Charlie’s Favorite Song Lyrics. My eyes scanned over it, trying to decipher the scribbling of words on it. Because of the accident, some of it had been smeared but a few lines were left in perfection.

They looked familiar but I couldn’t quite figure out why, so I decided I would try and sing them, to see why they looked familiar.

I bet you never thought you would fall, again. So much for keeping this, just friends,” I began, my voice floating around the room. “Shut up and kiss me now…and we carry on.”

“Your voice is pretty,” A hoarse voice whispered, startling me.

My eyes looked around the room and I saw I was alone so that meant only one thing. I’m going crazy and hearing dead people’s voices.

“Idiot,” The voice whispered again. “Look at me.”

That’s when I realized it was Charlie talking to me and my eyes shot over to her, my body jumping up when I saw she was awake, her hand reaching for the water next to her. I quietly shuffled over to the small dresser, next to Charlie, and poured the water into a small plastic cup before handing it to her.

She gratefully took it and swallowed it slowly, to make sure she didn’t choke on it by accident.

“You feel okay?” I asked stiffly, remembering the last time we talked.

She nodded, keeping quiet, her gaze averting mine.

We stayed like that…in complete awkward silence before she finally spoke up, her voice raw.

“You shouldn’t be here,” She said, looking directly at me, her blue eyes piercing right through my cold exterior.

I flinched at the statement, standing up angrily but then Charlie quickly held up her hands for me to stop.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she coughed out. “I meant you shouldn’t be here, because I’m pretty sure you should be at sound check, and getting ready for tonight’s performance.”

I nodded, knowing she was right.

“So then, why are you here?” She asked, curiously.

I angrily shook my head, “Why do you think?”

Charlie sighed and then pushed herself up onto her butt, playing with her hands in her lap, not saying anything as she pulled at her hospital gown to make it more comfortable for her.

“You don’t look as bad as the doctors said you would,” I noted, trying to change the subject and push my anger way. “The gash on your arm isn’t as bloody anymore, too.”

She touched her arm, poking at the wound on her perfect skin and looked back up at me. “I agree,” she replied with a small weak smile.

Awkwardly, I shoved my hands into my jean pockets and started to move towards the door, but paused as I began to open it.

“I just want to leave you with one thing to think about,” I said, my heart pounding against my rib cage, my back turned away from Charlie. “I talked to your boss and asked for someone to step in for you, for the rest of the tour. I can’t have you here if I can’t have you and I know you don’t want me.”

“I never said that!” She interjected as I paused for a second.

I continued to have my back to her, “I know but you keep making it clear you don’t want me but if you do, you can stay…otherwise we have to part ways.”

“Zayn, I can’t give you an answer right now,” she said and I knew she was upset.

“That’s why I’ll come back after the concert and if your still here, I know my answer. But if you’re not, we both know why,” I finished and then walked out of the room.

I know it was cruel for me to have just put that on her but I couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t pretend that it didn’t kill me every time I saw her; she looked at me uncomfortably and only saw me as someone that she believed “used” her.

I stopped as four lads came up to me and looked at me, giving me a look. I rolled my eyes and pursed my lips as I said, “Come on, we have a show to get to. Charlie’s fine.”

They didn’t argue and I stepped back into my pop star life with my four best mates.

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