One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


13. ::Chapter Thirteen::

I stormed into the room, “Okay, I don’t know if you dated Cara Delevingne or not but how do you know her brother?”

Harry looked away from the television screen, the rest of the boys as well.

“Uh, well, I know Cara so I know her family? I don’t know, Charlie, why?” Harry looked at me, confused but then a smile hit his lips. “Wait, Wesley is here?”

“Yeah, he frieken is, and he is irritatingly stubborn,” I hissed.

Harry chuckled, “That’d be him but how do you know that?”

“Let’s see, he rescues me from being mowed over by a car and then stalks me in a bookshop, then follows me but that can’t be true because he’s staying here and just happened to be walking behind me,” I said, breathless at the end.

“You nearly got run over by a car?” Zayn spoke up, his voice tired from earlier, his eyes a tad concerned.

“Yeah, but he saved me,” I awkwardly replied, not knowing if Zayn was angry at me at all for eavesdropping. “But that doesn’t matter, I still don’t like him.”

Harry looked at me cautiously, “Charlie if you’re even thinking about hooking up with him, I’d say stop, he isn’t a committed guy at all.”

I threw my book at Harry’s head, “I’m not on your damn tour to hook up with random guys, Harry, and even if I was, he’d be the last person I’d want to see.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders, “Just a warning, Charlie, but anyways, we have to go. Sound check time. But Wes should be stopping by soon.” Then Harry frieken winked at me.

“HARRY, I WILL BEAT YOU FOR THAT WINK, I SWEAR,” I lunged at him but an arm tugged me back and I glowered at Liam.

Liam let a grin slip out, “Harry, don’t you know how to work with the ladies, but sorry, Charlie, the boy has to be this way or Lou will personally have payback and you don’t want that.”

I stuck my tongue at him and wriggled out of his grasp and stepped out of the way as they filed by but stuck my foot out in front of Harry. He tried to sidestep it but misjudged it and fell straight to his face.

I smiled happily and then let the rest of the boys pass, Liam and Louis struggling to contain their laughter as they helped Harry to his feet, who quickly got out of the room before more harm could come to him.

I collapsed onto one of the twins’ bed as the door closed and turned the TV on. I flicked the lights off with the switch, perfectly placed next to the bed I was on, and fell asleep to some random show that talked about turtles.

I awoke, though, as I heard the door unlock and lifted my head just a little. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw a figure move through the small hallway, stepping out into the little light that the TV offered.

I grinned cruelly, knowing Wesley still hadn’t noticed me. Revenge is the best. I waited as he moved over to my bed, seeing the remote on the ground, and I understood what he was doing.

“They left the TV on, idiots,” He muttered as he leaned down, still wearing the same outfit from earlier.

“Boo!” I yelled into his ear, as soon as it reached bed level, falling into a fit of laughter as Wesley stumbled backwards, crying out as he lost his balance.

I struggled to turn the light switch on, still laughing, replaying the scene over and over again in my head. Fluorescent light flooded the room and I saw a pissed off Wesley sitting on the ground, holding his wrist awkwardly.

I tried to look innocent and then I watched as Wesley’s eyes widened as they stared at my chest level. I looked down and quickly pulled my red shirt up, covering up the black laced bra that had been showing freely.

“Pervert,” I muttered as I stood up and fixed the bed, turning the television off and stepped past Wesley.

He struggled to get up as I passed by, still cradling his right wrist. I stopped at the bathroom, peeking in and grabbing the ice bucket that was on the sink, and brought it back to Wesley.

“Honestly, I was just trying to get back at you for earlier, not hurt you,” I explained my reason for what I did, handing him the ice. He took the ice gratefully but didn’t look at me. “Wesley?”

“I heard you,” He replied, his tone soft, his gaze still averted and then he stood up.

I watched him suspiciously as he offered a genuine smile, “I have to go, my family is leaving this hotel.”

I leaned back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, “Where ya going?”

 “France, for a promo of my collection as well my sister’s, maybe I’ll see you there when the tour stops there in eleven days,” I heard him reply, his voice fading as he walked away and opened the room door. “Bye.”

The door closed as I replied, “Bye.”

Then my phone rang, jerking me out of the still silence I placed myself in, and sat up. Reaching into my sweatpants and taking my phone out, I looked at the caller ID. My eyes brightened.

I answered and lifted the phone to my ear, “Hey, Rae.”

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