One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


10. ::Chapter Ten::


I winced as he put alcohol on the holes left behind by the slivers, almost pulling my hand away, but Liam held it tight and wrapped it up and then let it go. I pulled my hand safely to my side and then stood up.

“Don’t you have to be rehearsing?” I muttered as I fixed my clothes, wiping off random dust particles.

“I heard you and Lou talking, and she seemed upset when I confronted her, so I came to check on you, but yes, I do,” Liam answered my question, putting the first-aid kit back where he found it.

We moved out of the empty hallway and towards the stage while Liam kept talking.

“You should stay, Charlie,” Liam declared impulsively.

I chuckled, “Well, I have no other way to get back to the hotel; you guys are my ride back.”

Liam shook his head, “No, I meant for the assignment. First day is always the worst but it certainly does get better, plus, we have all tons of fun here with newbie’s.”

“Ah, so I even got a nickname, lovely,” I remarked, softly shoving Liam in the side. “But it feels like I have no choice but even if I don’t, I will.”

Liam seemed surprised by my reply but nodded and we stayed quiet for the rest of the walk to the stage. As soon as we came out and into the view of the rest of the boys, I laughed as I saw the other four members just chilling on the stage. I. Have. No. Idea. Why.

All their heads turned and looked upon me and Liam and continued to look as we walked closer to them.

“Shouldn’t you be sound checking for,” I quickly looked down at their set list that I had kept in my pocket. “For, “Last First Kiss”.”

They all nodded but Niall was the one who answered my unasked question, “They don’t hound us continuously, we need a break sometime. Oh, and Liam disappeared just as Zayn came back and we can’t do it just with 4/5 of the band present.”

“Right,” I muttered, trying to make sense of his words, his Irish accent making some of them sound like other words. “Well, I’d like to get back to the hotel as soon as possible, so, please get back to work.”

I smiled politely as I pushed Liam to his mates. 

“Aye, aye, Capitan,” Harry saluted to me, standing up, getting the others to as well. “You heard the lady, she would like some sleep, so let’s get back to it.”

I watched as they moved back into their positions, getting back into their set list, singing “Last First Kiss” and I sat down in one of the set up chairs for the floor ticket people.

Maybe Liam was right, hopefully things would go uphill from here on and out. If they didn’t, well I would definitely not be going back to an internship.

I felt a tap on my shoulder halfway through “Last First Kiss” and turned my head, seeing Lou stand awkwardly behind me. I shot up, looking ashamed for earlier.

“Lou, I’m so sorry for outburst earlier, it’s just….it’s been hard adjusting to everything and I know that’s no excuse, but seriously, I’m sorry.” I let the words rush out of my mouth with no thought.

She smiled, “That’s a great excuse but I believe you and I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I did about Zayn. I don’t know what happened between you two but I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with my roommate for the next three days, do you?”

I shook my head, letting a small laugh out, “No, I don’t. But I might ask for one favor, please do my hair for when I go out? I was told I’d be followed by cameras and I would just like to look good cause right now, I’m sure I don’t.”

Lou grinned, “Why the hell not? You can be my new guinea pig.”

A frown hit my lips as soon as I realized she wasn’t joking and I sat down, shivers running up and down my arms.

Seriously, who the hell are these people?

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