One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


7. ::Chapter Seven::


I patiently waited on the steps of my apartment building, already having settled Rae into the place, and now waiting for the band’s driver to pick me up. Since last night, since the news got out that I’d be traveling with one of the biggest bands ever, I haven’t had the courage to visit my twitter.

All the tweets I've been mentioned in have either said “Wow, you’re so lucky” or “PLEASE TELL THE BOYS TO FOLLOW ME, I HAVE 0/5” and I've just sat there, not knowing what to do.

I checked my watch again; my stomach in knots as I continued to wait, knowing the car would be arriving at 7:00 a.m. sharp and it was 6:56 a.m.

I sadly knew that my life from here on out would not be the same. And because of that, me being paranoid as I am, I decided to have a hair change and cut. It’s shorter than it was before, hanging above my shoulders or maybe touching them, and it was now dyed red which suited my Italian skin color.

A honk jerked me out my thoughts and I stood up hastily, grabbing my one bag that I’d have with me for the next few weeks. I watched miserably as a black car pulled up, the ones you see in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or Flashpoint….shows I used to watch in the States, and I got in, settling the bag on my lap.

I was caught off guard with Zayn being in the car and him being alone.

“Um, I thought I’d be going to the hotel on my own with your driver…not with you as well,” I sourly told Zayn, him sitting in the far seat, behind the driver, next to the window with a gloomy landscape flashing by.

“Sorry to disappoint,” Zany replied emotionless, his brooding state something I wasn’t used to. “I wouldn't be here if I had a choice.”

I rolled my eyes, not wanting to pick an argument right now, and looked behind us as we moved away from the home I had been in since I had been kicked out of my family. I looked away and grabbed my iPod out of my pocket and looked for the song that I was currently obsessed with.

Pressing “Play” on Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian, I closed my eyes and hummed along to the parts that weren't being rapped.

Once the song ended, I opened my eyes and noticed that I was being watched. About to open my mouth and question Zayn, I stopped, as he turned away and played his iPod with his ear buds in and looking like he was planning on never taking them out.

I kept my sigh back and just watched as the scenery blurrily moved by as the car drove to an unknown place. I was rather stressed out by having my first meeting with, um, Louis I believe tonight.

I knew about nothing about these boys and I’m being assigned to ask them to tell me a moment in their life that they don’t regret, while getting other facts such as favorite food and current song.

They should have chosen one of their fans…that wouldn't faint at just the sight of them.

I checked my phone, seeing three messages from Rae, asking how boring the ride was but I couldn't bring myself to reply. I was just so uncomfortable with the situation I was in but Anita promised to actually hire me if the assignment went perfect….which I doubt it will.

“Miss Charlie, we are three and half hours away from Newcastle, I would advise a quick bite before continuing the ride,” Our driver, Rodgers, told me through the cool intercom in the car.

“Fine,” I replied. “Um, McDonald's please. I’ll go in with your order and Zayn’s, if he wants one.”

“Miss, you are not allowed to leave the vehicle, now that you’re known by the fandom,” Rodgers commented but stopped the car at the McDonald's we had stopped at. “But, I didn't see you leave.”

I grinned and then poked Grouchy Pants next to me. Zayn turned his head and looked at me, bored. I held my spiteful words back and yanked out his ear buds.

“We’re stopping for a bite, do you want anything?” I asked him, my hand on the door handle, ready to leave.

He shook his head and then continued to be his brooding self. I rolled my eyes and left the car, putting on my sunglasses though no sun shone through the London skies above; a storm soon to be raising hell.

“Whatever,” I grumbled as I walked into McDonald's.

“OHMYGOD, IT’S HER, IT’S ZAYN’S NEW GIRLFRIEND, OHMYGOD,” A girl screamed from across the restaurant and I cringed, glancing at her.

Ah, hell, fan girls...see you at my funeral.

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