One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


21. ::Chapter Nineteen::


As I made my way to go find Liam, deciding to walk to the gym that was only a mile away from the hotel, my phone rang. Fumbling around in my pocket, to turn off the embarrassing ringtone that was blaring, my fingers finally got a hold of my iPhone and I quickly removed it from my pocket.

Bringing it up to my ear, I answered it, “Hello?”

“Charlie, thank god!” Anita’s voice snapped at me, sounding relieved.

My brows rose as I continued to walk down the busy road to the gym, “Boss, is everything okay?”

“I need the rest of the interviews, the magazine’s publish date has moved up a month and everything needs to be done,” Anita said with worry in her tone. “Have you finished the rest of them yet?”

My heart sunk. “No, I haven’t, sorry Anita. I’m actually on my way to go and do Liam’s but I got so caught up with getting to know the boys that I’ve put off interviewing for a couple of days, I’m so sorry.”

“Charlie!” Anita shouted. “I need you right now to get the other interview done or else this magazine issue will be disastrous and you’ll lose your internship!

My cheeks crazily grew crimson at the thought of losing my internship. “I will go get them done, you’ll have the rest of the interviews by tomorrow, I promise!”

“Good, good, please don’t let me down, Charlie,” Anita said, trying to calm herself down.

I tried to think of a good way to make sure I’d get the interviews done but screams and screeching of tires interrupted my thought process and I spun around, dropping my phone as I saw a car veer off from the road and onto the sidewalk, not slowing down as it came towards me.

My mind froze as I focused on the unconscious woman in the front and just as it came within five feet of my body, one thought finally was processed.

Do not jump to the side, JUMP UP.

Just as it was about to hit my legs and snap them like twigs, I jumped up and let my body smack into the windshield and fly over the car, and then hit the sidewalk with a sickening thud.

My mouth opened in a soundless scream as pain flooded every sense of my body and I bit my lip as I turned my head, to look at what happened to the car and as my vision began to darken, I saw the woman get out of the car, in a daze, and then collapse to the ground.

My hand reached out to her, my mind just wanting to know if she was okay, but a blanket of darkness and warmth pulled me away and I finally let myself get dragged away.


I stared up at the ceiling, still going over in my head of the reasons of why I finally told Charlie why I chose to sleep with her. I glanced at cell phone on my muscled stomach, turning it on to see if I got any messages from her.


I let out a worried sigh and looked back up at the ceiling just as the dressing room door opened and in stepped Niall and Louis, who were looking rather chipper.

“Hey guys,” I muttered a greeting as they entered, letting them know they weren’t alone.

Niall saw me on the couch, cocking his head to the side, “She’s not mad at you, Zayn.”

I looked at him curiously. “Who’s not mad at me?”

Niall rolled his eyes, “Don’t be daft, you know who I’m talking ‘bout.”

I let my body go slack as I closed my eyes and sucked in a breath, “Then where is she? I’ve heard nothing from her and when a girl doesn’t talk to you, they are mad at you, last time I checked.”

“Zayn, boy,” Louis chuckled. “You can’t expect Charlie to just jump into your arms and be all ‘I love you and shit’, we all know she isn’t that kind of girl. I’m positive she’s just processing everything, she’ll call.”

A knock interrupted me from say anything back, and Lou poked her head in, “Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum are playing their last song, best get into position, boys. Where are Liam and Harry?”

Niall and Louis shrugged their shoulders, looking at me, expecting me to know something about the other boys’ whereabouts. I shook my head and let my head rest into the palms of my hands, before taking a deep breath in and then standing up.

Exiting the dressing room with Niall and Louis, in our clothes for the first few songs of the Take Me Home Tour set list, my phone suddenly began to ring back in the dressing room. I rushed back in, my heart racing and hoping it was Charlie, but caller ID said otherwise.

“Harry, where are you?” I asked him as I answered my phone. “We start sound check soon.”

“Zayn, don’t freak, but Liam and I are at the hospital,” Harry replied, hiding something from me.

I kept him on hold as I sprinted to catch up with Niall, Louis, and Lou who were waiting patiently for me behind the stage, where 5SOS were finishing up.

“Why are you guys at the hospital?” I asked as soon as I reached the others, catching my breath.

“This is the part where you can’t flip out but…”

“But what, Harry? You know management will kill you guys if you aren’t here for the sound check,” I replied back.

“Zayn,” Harry muttered impatiently, forcing me to be quiet. “It’s Charlie…she’s been in an accident.”

The phone slipped from my grasp as shock hit me and hearing it smash against the concrete floor of the stadium, knocked me out of my shock and I looked down at it, in a daze.

I knew the other boys had heard what Harry had just said but I didn’t wait for them and tore off, heading towards the outside, only knowing I just needed to get to the hospital no matter what.

This was my entire fault.

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