One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


4. ::Chapter Four::


I slowly opened my eyes and internally groaned as sunlight flooded my room, murdering my senses, only because I was having a massive hangover. I was starting to imagine bringing home a drunken guy home last night, was just a dream, until I felt a soft breath tickle my naked back.

I cringed and closed my eyes, cursing silently, as I turned my head and saw a guy in my bed, with me…in my bed…oh…my…god. And with that, slowly but faster, the events of last night unfolded in my brain.

Then I screamed and shoved him off of my bed, freaking out, because I had done something stupid. Rae had warned me, I seriously need to listen to her.

“Really?” Zayn asked, groaning and sitting up, after being shoved into the hardwood floor of my room. “Was that really necessary?”

“Yes, yes, it was necessary!” I snapped at him, grabbing the sheets and covering myself up. “I frieken slept with you and I don’t even know you!”

Zayn mumbled something but just fell back onto the floor, resting his left arm over his eyes. I glared at him before crawling to the ground and grabbing my pants and other clothes. I quickly dressed myself and jumped up, quickly closing the curtains, regretting having that beer.

I was never good with consuming alcohol…it only takes one beer for me to do stupid things, which I certainly did.

“Come on, get dressed,” I demanded, walking over and throwing his clothes at him, but abruptly stopping as I saw him shirtless, again. At least I did it with someone this good looking. “I don’t have all day and neither do you, don’t you have to be meeting up with your friends?”

“Was that your first time?” Zayn randomly asked, pulling his white shirt over his head. “Is that why you’re freaking out?”

I grabbed the nearest object, a pillow, and threw it at him. “First off, personal much? But…no, it wasn’t my first time but I don’t do one-night stands, okay?”

I just lied…I never lie, what is happening to me?

“Okay, okay, calm down,” Zayn mumbled. “Just, um, please come downstairs with me and help me get a taxi? I uh now remember where I’m staying.”

 I threw my hands up in the air, exasperated, “Great, you remember in the morning, after the one and only worst mistake of my life, just fantastic.”

“You’re not from here, are you?” Zayn casually asks.

I sighed, following him out of my room, and out of my apartment. “No, my mum lived in America but moved me here at age 10, to live with my dad. I’ve been lazy with adjusting.”

“Put these on.” Zayn abruptly shoved a pair of my sunglasses at me.

I took them and stared at them, “Why?”

Zayn leaned forward and whispered, “Hangovers don’t seem to do you any justice.”

Then he stepped past me and out my door, leaving me in utter shock, seeing as he just more or less insulted how I looked. I closed my eyes and let out a breath before following him down the hallway and down the three flights of stairs, then watching him go out to the street and try to get a taxi.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, a familiar black car pulled up to the curb and Zayn turned around to me one last time.

“You know, it was a good mistake in my mind,” He whispered before opening the taxi door, and settling in, giving the driver the address to where he was going.

“Only in your mind.” I glared at him harshly.

Pushing aside my conflicted feelings about what Zayn just said, I went back up to my apartment and quickly collected the things I needed for my internship. I paused as I passed the mirror and saw what Zayn had meant by hangovers did me no justice, and speedily put on some cover-up.

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