One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


5. ::Chapter Five::


“You got their coffees, yes, Charlie?” My boss, Anita, asked as she swiftly moved past me out of her office, grabbing her coffee from my other hand.

“Yes,” I answered, holding up a tray that held five hot coffees, for the first five clients I’d be receiving since I started working here. “But may I ask why you chose me for this assignment?”

Anita paused outside of the conference room, “I’ll be honest, I like you, and you are probably the first intern that I haven’t chased out of here within the first three days of their internship.”

I waited.

“Because of that, I’ve decided it was about time that you could use your talents and write in the magazine for the new edition to come out next month, but we’re wasting time, I would like you to meet your new clients now,” Anita said as she turned, opened the door, and waited for me to go in first.

I did and saw four males sitting on the left side of the conference table, who looked quite familiar, but I couldn’t quite remember where from. Stupid alcohol. I smiled politely and handed them their coffees but came up one extra.

“Uh, Anita, I have an extra cup of coffee, you did say to get five, right?” I looked at my boss, as she settled into her seat, next to mine on the right side of the conference table.

“Yes, Charlie, I did and I make no mistakes,” She replied semi-stiffly then looked at our interested clients. “Louis, where is your fifth band member?”

I’m writing an article for a band? They must be popular or else Anita would’ve never put them in the magazine.

“Ah,” One of the guys spoke up, his grey and blue striped shirt crinkling as he stood up. “He had to go to the restroom but he’ll make his appearance soon.”

Anita sighed but beckoned for me to sit, which I did, slowly.

“So, we must start discussing the options for making meetings with us, so my intern can begin writing each of your articles, except you are on your Take Me Home Tour right now,” Anita said as she leafed through multiple papers.

“Yes, our manager spoke with us, and we each are going to meet up with Charlie on our times,” A different guy spoke this time, his curly locks falling perfectly across his forehead. “But we will get it done fast and before we must start the North American leg of the tour.”

Anita agreed but continued her talk, “Does Charlie need to be traveling to meet up with you? Or will you be able to come here and get it done here?”

The third boy spoke up this time, blond hair…familiar, “Yes, and our manager suggested that she travel with us while we complete our UK and European leg of the tour. Is that okay?”

He looked directly at me but I was distracted, trying to distinguish his accent. It sounded familiar but I just couldn’t grasp what accent it was.

“Charlie!” Anita snapped her fingers in my face.

I blinked, “Uh, um, well yes but I do have a job. I’m really the only one who does it at night and it’s what pays my rent for my apartment, though.”

Anita waved her hand effortlessly, “No worries, that’ll be taken care of. When must she be ready to leave?”

Finally, the fourth guy spoke up, “Well, we are going to Newcastle for three days in two days, so we will have our driver come to her apartment then and pick her up. And from there, she’ll stay with us until this leg of the tour is finished.”

I’m right here. You can talk to me. I’m human too, ya know.

Suddenly a door opened and I glanced behind me. This must be the fifth member. I watched as the guy removed the black hood from his head, letting his black hair fall out…with a blond stripe in the front.

Oh no.

I quickly looked away, my eyes wide in shock and horror. Please, please no. Please tell me I did not sleep with the fifth member of this band. Crap, I did. I’m so screwed.

“Oh, hey, Zayn you’re back,” Louis spoke up, a light smile on his lips. “We were just discussing the details of having our articles written while we finish up the first leg of the tour.”

An elbow shoved me in the side and I looked at Anita, still in shock, as she whispered, “Stand up with me.”

 I did and Anita shook his hand as did I, keeping my head down. Anita finished the rest of the conversation with the guys as I just stared down at my lap, my hands clasping and unclasping repeatedly.

“So, I will send over Charlie’s details later this evening,” Anita spoke, snapping me out of my state of guilt and more guilt. “It was nice meeting one of United Kingdom’s finest musical bands.”

“Our pleasure,” Um…Harry replied, as he hugged Anita, the rest of the boys following. “Nice meeting you too, Charlie.”

I gave him a weak smile and shook the rest of the guys’ hands but stopping at the fifth member.

Zayn stared back at me – no sign of recognition – with his hand extended promptly. I glanced to my right and saw Anita’s innocent cup of coffee just sitting there. And then I reached for it…and then…I threw it directly into Zayn’s face.


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