One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


20. ::Chapter Eighteen::


I shut Charlie’s hotel room door behind me as I sprinted to the opposite side of the hallway, frantically pressing the elevator button. I glance behind me, part of me hoping to see Charlie come after me, and the other part wishing she would just stay in the room.

She stayed in the room.

I impatiently banged on the hotel wall, seeing as the elevator was taking forever to arrive. Once it did, I threw myself in; pressing the Lobby button, hoping no one else would join me.

I honestly needed to be alone…especially after finally telling Charlie…why I slept with her.

Once the elevator doors closed, I collapsed against the far back wall, my head slumping over, my nose pressing into my chest. I took a deep breath in and let a ragged sigh out.

I don’t know why I so worried about whether or not Charlie would look at me the same, after what I’d just told her, because I knew deep down inside that she wouldn’t ever look at me the same way she did before.

I lifted my head and leaned it against the wall, pushing the black strands of hair out of my face, the blonde strands reflecting the light of the one light in the elevator.

Would she hate me? Would she understand and be my friend?

Would she want to be more than friends?

 Probably not.

I listened to the rapid beating of my heart with the blue cotton sweater I had on, a bead of sweat falling off my forehead and onto the marble floor of the elevator.

I pushed myself off the floor, scattered thoughts soaring around in my mind, and walked out of the open elevator doors as soon as it hit the Lobby floor. I ignored the shocked looks from some young teenage girls, who I guess stalked One Direction down to the hotel we were staying in.

I kept my gaze on the floor and quickly left the hotel, knowing our security guards would soon come after me, but not caring as I quickly moved out onto the streets surrounding the hotel and looked once behind me.

I seriously regretted telling Charlie…she for sure hates me now. Doesn’t matter if I’m the oh-so-famous Zayn Malik, she’d ignore that fact, and hate me for not telling her.

I needed to call Perrie.


“So, you knew Zayn liked me before you guys met me?” I repeated my question, still reeling from what Zayn had told me only an hour before, looking at the person I had called earlier.

Niall nodded sheepishly, hanging his head, blond hair falling around his blue eyes.

“Yeah,” Niall said softly, avoiding my gaze. I watched as he continued to think to himself before he finally ran a hand through his blond hair and looked directly at me. “He talked about this mystery girl he said he hadn’t thought about until Perrie broke it off with him.”

“A mystery girl?” I beckoned for him to continue.

Niall nodded, “Yeah, guess it was you, though he never mentioned her by name. He said she was some crazy crush he hadn’t gotten over, even after graduating with her, and moving onto the X Factor.”

I looked down, thinking back to the “great” years of secondary school. Thought back to the final years of school, where – as Zayn said – I was wanted by everyone, and tried to think of a younger Zayn that I might have seen around but nothing came to mind.

“Hey, Niall?” He looked back up at me, after vigorously scanning the hotel food menu in his hands. “Where is Liam? I need to interview him today, I need to send in another member’s interview and I’ve already done yours and Louis’.”

Niall paused, his mouth agape slightly, before answering, “I think he’s probably at the gym with our trainer and the boys of Five Seconds of Summer…maybe.”

Then he shrugged like he didn’t really know and I sighed, knowing I’d still have to go find Liam, even if that information was wrong. I silently said goodbye to Niall and left his room, to go find Liam and interview him.

Things were getting so much more complicated than I ever thought they would be. I thought Zayn would get over, think of me as nothing, and hopefully stop mentioning that night to torture me.

Instead Zayn continuously brought up the night, to make me mad, and recently just made it clear that I was definitely not a “nobody”.

Who knew, touring with One Direction wasn’t as simple as touring with One Direction should be.

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