One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


8. ::Chapter Eight::


I took another look at the hotel in front of me. Hilton Newcastle Gateshead is one big hotel. The biggest hotel I’d ever being staying in, seeing as it is the first hotel I’ve stayed in.

A shoulder brushed mine roughly, Zayn not looking at me as he said, “We don’t have all day, Charlie. You have to meet Louis before we go to sound check later.”

“Yeah, I know, Dad,” I replied, annoyed.

Zayn glanced back at me once I had said what I said, raising his brows. I immediately understood his look and glared back at him, disgusted.

“You’re gross, really gross, you know that,” I snapped as I moved past him and into the hotel.

I would’ve dropped my bag, once I saw the inside of the lobby, but luckily one of the concierges caught it and sent it to my room. You could fit a thousand of my apartments in here, like damn; this hotel is just frieken nice.

“Seriously, we don’t have all day, Louis is waiting for you in your room,” Zayn growled as he moved past me.

I noticed that he hadn’t shave since he…slept over or since he got coffee in his face. Something was up. And I might not be no Velma [from Scooby Doo] but I was gonna find out what the hell flipped his switch.

I moved along, being ushered by Rodgers, to the elevator and sent to my floor level, my room number so big number it had to mean we were staying either on top or middle level of the hotel.

I got off and slowly and confusingly found my room and turned on the lights, seeing Louis asleep on my bed. It was still made which was surprising. I walked over and tapped Louis on the head, his eyes snapping open, him jumping up embarrassed.

“Sorry,” He apologized sheepishly. “We like to take powernaps whenever we can.”

I nodded, understanding, and set my bag on the floor next to my bed. I noticed another bed next to mine but it was completely messed up.

“Right, you got a roommate, her names Lou Teasdale, she’s our hair stylist,” Louis informed me, fixing his hair in my bathroom mirror. “She’s quite nice and very beautiful.”

“Oh, Louis, shut up,” A new voice entered our conversation. I turned my head to see a woman with whitish hair, other light colors mixed in. “Stop talking about behind my back.”

Louis looked appalled, “But I was complementing you?”

Lou chuckled, “I was joking, better work on that, a little rough on the edges but thanks anyway.”

He nodded and then gestured for me to follow him out to the terrace, to leave Lou to her devices of hair products and whatnot.

I settled down in my seat, my sweatpants the only thing keeping my body semi-warm, placing my notepad in front of me with a shitty pen next to it. Louis looked out, checking out the view, staying creepily quiet.

“Um, Louis?” I interrupted the silence, trying to gather his attention. “Can you describe the moment that you don’t regret or is most memorable?”

He didn’t look at me instantly but spoke anyway, “The moment we joined as a band. I know it’s cheesy but seriously, I wouldn’t trade anything for it. I wouldn’t be living my dream right now; I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, spending my dream with my four best mates in reality.”

Suddenly an alarm started going off and Louis pulled his phone out, turning it off.

“Sorry, you kind of got here late, because I need to head out to sound check,” Louis explained. “I am sorry we ran out of time.”

I smiled, “I got all I needed.”

He raised a brow, “With just that?”

“I have been told I’m quite talented with words,” I joked. “But yes, that’s really all I needed, I swear.”

He stood up, shaking himself, fixing his clothes when he blurted out, “Hey, do you wanna come with me?”

I cocked my head to the side, “Where?”

“To the sound check, it’d be your first time I assume, and I believe I was told you need to get to know us offline, for the other details,” Louis grinned, opening the sliding door to the room.

I noticed that Lou was no longer in here, her hair products gone as well, but the bed still messy.

I let my shoulders sag, “Why the hell not?” I agreed to Louis’s offer and followed him out of the room and out of the hotel, heading off to yet another classified designation.

Plenty of room for new experiences, I’d say. 

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