bestfriend boyband

this is the story of hannah. a girl who dreams of being a singer but is too shy to tell her dad a big time music producer who also produces one direction.


2. hi, im hannah

I get out of my dodge corollea and go into the dark building and down the dim hallway that leads to my dads office and I swung poen the door and ploped into my dads chair expecting there to be nobody there but to my suprise there were 5 boys staring at me. "Ahhhhhh!" I screamed and flew 10 feet into the air. "who are you!" I asked. "um this is Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn and I'm Harry and who might you be?" I looked at him for a moment then decided he was some-what trust worthy "im hannah" I shook his hand warialy. then let go as soon as the door flew open. it was my dad. he has a 'no daughter of mine will date a singer policy.' which I think is dumb. I have a sister and  she had to go through the same thing, she rebelled like crazy and was always off with somebody and got caught everytime. then she stoped until she met jake, her now kinda maybe sorta husband. and shes pregnant.  and my dad has no clue. my sister moved away right after high school. She told me she hated it and need room to be her own person. Not long after my dad became a music producer. Now I'm not saying my dad's job is all benefits, there are some downs too. For example my dad is always on the road so most of the time he isn't home. But on the plus side, he takes me with him during the summer when I'm not at school. It's cool to go all over the world and a concert almost every night. My dad offered to let me go on the road with him full time but I would miss my friends and it would boring hearing the same song list every night for 6 months in a row. I slowly slid out of my dad's seat and closed the door to the office. Outside I waited for about 2 1/2 hours until they finished they're meeting. I could've gone home but I had already made plans to go out afterwards with my dad for lunch. Plus I couldn't give up my chances to sit in this awesome office *note sarcasm*. My dad emerged from his office his face full of a new deal glow as I like to call it. "Are you ready to go?" I asked. He nodded and we made our way to the car and he hopped up front. We drove to our favorite Italian brunch place,Bruno's, and hopped out. "Hi how many?" The lady at the front asked. "Two" my dad and I replied in unison. She smiled and led us to our table. " thank you" we said to her and took our seats. "Listen sweet heart, there is something I've been wanting to tell you about but wanted to wait until we sat down to tell you." He paused wearily and continued. "Hannah, this summer I'm going to be managing One Direction and it could be long term." He got this big grin on his face and awaited a response. "Cool" I said and looked at my hands. All the girls at my high school absolutely crazy about them. Once these girls find out they are going to hate me. And plus they have talked about One Direction, that I have already decided I don't like it. This is going to suck.

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