Our Time in the World (PL3) *Completed*

Sequel to Puppy Love 2!!! Kids, Pregnacy, Miscarriages, Marriages, Relationships, and Cancer, are just a few of the things that One Direction and their girlfriends have gone through. How will they handle all of these struggles, while being a famous boyband?


3. Stress


Hey guys! I am so happy that you guys responded to my question! Please keep answering my questions! They help me a lot!

All of you said that Liam and Danielle have it worst... I agree. :(

I have no idea where this chapter is headed, but I will use my imagination. (Did any of you guys think of Spongebob with the rainbow saying imagination? I did. Teehee.)

I would like to dedicate this chapter to a few people: Kimberly, Gabby, Joleyna, and Emily. Thanks you guys! <3

Okay Chapter 2 of Our Time in this World (PL3) is beginning........ wait for it....... NOW!


Emily's POV-

Planning. That is all my life is now. Planning. I hate it. I need a break. "Hello, I was wondering how much it would be for a caterer at my wedding." I say into the phone. "50,000 dollars?" I yell and hang up. "Babe, I think you need to take a break. How about you take a nap, while I make you lunch?" Harry asks coming over to my desk and massaging my shoulders. "That sounds lovely. Thank you."


Danielle's POV-

Today I'm going into my doctors appointment. Liam is coming with me, while Zayn and Tally watch Payton. "Okay. I'll just say it. Danielle, you need open heart surgery." the doctor says. I just start balling while Liam tears up and hugs me. "I'm very sorry, Mrs. Payne. Please schedule your surgery at the front desk before you leave. And Danielle? You'll be fine. Hospitals perform open heart surgery everyday. You are in good hands." he says rubbing my back. Liam quietly thanks him.


Zayn's POV-

Tally and I are watching Payton for Liam and Dani. Tally is in the first part of her pregnacy where she throws up all of the time. Tally wants to play with the kids and I, but I told her to go take a nap. She has been puking all day. I feel so bad for her.

I am currently coloring with Juliet, Connor, and Payton, while throwing Zally's toy and he brings it back to me. I am a very good multi-tasker.

I just hope Tally, Danielle, Hali, and Em are alright. (A/N- because Tally is getting sick, Danielle is at her apointment, Hali is getting sick too, and Em is getting sick also.)


Niall's POV-

I'm watching my Hali hurl into the toilet, on her hands and knees. I'm holding her hair back and rubbing her back, while sitting on the edge of the tub. It breaks my heart, watching her small body shake as she throws up, and seeing the tears roll down her face.

She finishes and brushes her teeth. "Babe, I'm sorry." I say kissing her, then clearing the rest of her tears off with my thumb. "It's worth it." she says hugging me. I pick her up bridal style and lay her in bed and we fall asleep in each others arms.


Louis' POV-

El is a mad woman at the moment. Her brother, Parker, is coming over for dinner tonight to meet the family. El and I are making spaghetti for dinner, while the kids make the table and get the drinks. They love to help out. That won't last for long . . .

"Luke, James? Come here." El says after we finish. "Best behavior tonight. That includes manners and following all rules. Your Uncle Parker is meeting us for the first time. We must act nice. Do you boys understand?" she says. "Yes mommy." the say at the same time. "That goes for you too." she says looking at me. "Yes mommy." I joke and she cracks a smile for the first time today. Ding dong. We hear. Here we go. God, please make this go well.



Sorry for the wait! I have been really busy lately! But I have decided on putting one POV of one person from each couple in each chapter. So you get a look into everyone.

Question for this chapter:

Which girl will crack from stress first?

-El with her brother

-Hali with pregnancy

-Tally with pregnancy

-Emily with pregnancy and planning

-Danielle with surgery and her relationship with Liam

Comment what you think!

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Love you my little puppy lovers!

~Cammy xx.

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