Our Time in the World (PL3) *Completed*

Sequel to Puppy Love 2!!! Kids, Pregnacy, Miscarriages, Marriages, Relationships, and Cancer, are just a few of the things that One Direction and their girlfriends have gone through. How will they handle all of these struggles, while being a famous boyband?


6. No Way. No Possible Way.


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"I love you." he smiles at her. "I love you too." she smiles back at him. "You mean the world to me, Carter." he whispers. "You mean the world to me." Carter smiles and kisses him. "More than Parker?" he asks. "Way more than Parker." she smiles and kisses him again.


El's POV-

"I have some news." Parker says as him, Lou, and I sit down. "What is it?" Louis asks. "I am engaged! Her name is Carter." he smiles. "That's great!" I say getting up and hugging him. "You should bring her to the welcome home party for Dani tonight!" Louis adds. "I will." he smiles.


Tally's POV-

Tonight the whole family is getting together again for Dani's welcome home party. She knows about it because Liam is having it at their house. Liam told me they are getting along better now, which is great. I am really happy for them.

"Connor! Juliet! Get dressed!" I yell up the stairs to my kids. I have been feeling a lot better lately which is great.


Liam's POV-

I am currently making homemade pizza. The whole family loves my pizza, so I decided to make it. Dani and I have been doing a lot better. I am really happy about that. Harry and Emily are bringing Payton over, neither Dani or I have seen her in a week, since before the surgery.

"Dani, you ready?" I ask as I walk into our room, because I pulled the pizza out of the oven. "Yup. You?" she asks. I walk up to her and kiss her. I gently pick her up and then lay her on the bed. We continue to kiss as I gently lay on her. "I love you." she breaks apart. I stare into her chocolate brown eyes and she stares into mine. "I love you too." I smile and go back to kissing her. We hear the doorbell ring and she breaks apart. "Why did we invite these idiots over?" I joke. She laughs and we both get up.


Hali's POV-

Losing a baby is hard, but I am still happy that one of them is alive. I will just have to get through it, at least I have Niall.

"Hey guys! Come in!" Dani invites myself and Niall in. "I'm really sorry, Hali." Liam says as him and Dani hug me. "It's not your guys' fault. I am just happy I still have one of them." I smile. They both hug Niall and apologize to him as well.


Harry's POV-

All of us are here except for El, Lou, Parker, James, and Luke. I pull Em close to me and I kiss her cheek. El, Lou, James and Luke walk in. We all say hi to them. A guy who I assume is Parker, walks in with a girl. Oh he has a girlfriend. WAIT! My heart stops and I try to stay away from her. "Harry?" she asks. Dang-it, she saw me. "Hey Carter." I say but don't look at her.

*2 Hours Later*

"All of the kids are upstairs playing now." Emily says and sits next to me. I just weakly nod. This has been a terrible night for me. Seeing Carter here with Em. Seeing Carter with Parker. Carter told me about Parker, but I just wish I didn't see them together. Everyone looking at me weird. Seeing Emily's pregnant belly sticking out. Seeing Carter and Parker kiss. Seeing that blinding ring on Emily's finger.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" I yell out and everyone looks at me. Especially Carter, she has a look of worry on her face. "I did a bad, bad thing." I whisper. "What did you do?" Zayn asks. "I cheated on Emily." I mumble. I look at everyone's faces. Shock fills all of them except for Emily's. She is about to burst into tears. "YOU WHAT?" Tally yells, about to get up, but Zayn and Louis pull her back down. "With who?" Parker asks. "Carter."

That was the last breath I remember taking, before I blacked out.




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EASY RECAP: Carter and Parker are engaged. Emily is pregnant with Harry's baby and they are engaged. But everyone just found out that Carter and Harry cheated on Parker and Emily. (If you are still confused, comment what you are confused about and I will try to help you.)

Bad Harry. Bad, bad Harry. >:I

Parker told Lou and El big personal news AND one of the boys did something that will hurt someone forever. CRAY CRAY STORY!!!!!!


Question of the Chapter:

What happened to Harry?

-Did Tally punch him?

-Did Emily punch him?

-Did Parker punch him?


-Did Harry pass out from nerves?






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