Our Time in the World (PL3) *Completed*

Sequel to Puppy Love 2!!! Kids, Pregnacy, Miscarriages, Marriages, Relationships, and Cancer, are just a few of the things that One Direction and their girlfriends have gone through. How will they handle all of these struggles, while being a famous boyband?


4. Getting Through It


Hey guys. I've been super busy. I've been dealing with family issues. 

So I'll write this chapter for you. I don't know how long it will be, but I'll write some.

Thank you to the people who answered my question of the chapter. 1 of you said Danielle will crack first and 2 of you said Emily will crack first. You'll have to read to see who is right. 

Well here you go and I hope you enjoy it!

~Cammy xx.


Eleanor's POV-

I take a deep breath and open the door. "Parker!" I say and hug him. "Eleanor!" He says and hugs me back. "It's so nice to meet you!" I say and let him inside. "This is my husband Louis, and our children, Luke and James." I smile and Parker shakes Louis' hand. They both say hello and make small talk. "Hello guys, I'm your Uncle Parker." Parker smiles. "Hi. I'm James and this is my little brother, Luke." James smiles. Hopefully dinner will go as well as this is going. 


Hali's POV-

I feel terrible. "Niall, I need to go to the hospital. I'm not feeling good. I know this is part of the pregnancy, but I can't take it." I say crying my eyes out. "Okay let's go." Niall says wiping my tears and calming me down. We get in the car and he drives to the hospital. 


Tally's POV-

Sleep. That's all I do. I haven't seen my kids in days, I barely see Zayn except for when he brings me some soup and when he comes to go to bed at night, and I haven't talked to anyone. The only thing I spend the most time with is the toilet. I sleep, eat, puke, sleep, puke, eat, sleep, puke. It just goes on and on. I don't mind it though. As long as I can sleep, I get through this first part of the pregnancy. 


Liam's POV-

Today is Danielle's surgery. Telling Payton about her surgery was a nightmare. All of us are not the same. Harry and Emily are watching Payton for us. I'll be in the waiting room, praying Danielle is okay.


Harry's POV-

Today Emily and I are watching Payton while Danielle has her surgery. "Where is Aunt Emily?" Pay asks as she sits on my lap. We are watching Toy Story 2. Her dad made her a fan. "She is sleeping. She's not feeling too well. She'll be better in a couple of days. It's just because she is pregnant." I say and kiss her cheek. 



Hali cracked under the stress first. :( nobody guessed her. 

Sorry it's short, but it's still an update. 

Question of the Chapter:

What do you think will happen with Hali at the hospital?

Comment what you think!

When you answer my question of the chapter, they really help me decide what will happen next. So please comment. 

PP3 is not as big as I thought I would be, so please tell your friends that the third one started! I had 93 favourites and now I only have 10 on here. So tell people please. 

Thanks for reading and I'll update as soon as I can. 

~Cammy xx. 

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