Our Time in the World (PL3) *Completed*

Sequel to Puppy Love 2!!! Kids, Pregnacy, Miscarriages, Marriages, Relationships, and Cancer, are just a few of the things that One Direction and their girlfriends have gone through. How will they handle all of these struggles, while being a famous boyband?


13. Gabby

Harry's POV-

We've been in the hospital for a week so far. The night after Connor's party, we waited until 5 in the morning all night until the doctor told us what is wrong with her. We were allowed to go and see her, but she couldn't talk to us or acknowledge us. We rarely talk because we're afraid someone will break into meltdown. Which we're all going to need to let out eventually.

Tally is our rock. She is the one who keeps us all sane. She is the one who helps with almost every situation and knows how to lighten the mood and she's my best friend and my sister. I can't loose her. We can't loose her.

The kids have been watched by our parents and siblings. We haven't seen them in a while.

"Knock knock." a girl's voice says at the door. We all turn around and see a girl that looks around 23. "Gabby!" Liam smiles and gets up to hug her. "Hey Liam!" she smiles and hugs him back. "Gabby! It's so good to see you!" Dani smiles and gets up to hug her also. "Guys, this is Gabby, my best friend from grade school. Gabby, this is Harry and his fiancé, Emily. Louis and his wife Eleanor. Niall and his fiancé Hali. Zayn and you know Tally." Liam says getting sadder as he talks about Tally.

"You know Tally?" Zayn asks her. "Yeah, Dani, Tally and I went shopping a few months ago and Tally and I became pretty good friends. How is she doing?" she asks. "Not good. She's in a coma." I answer. "She is? Wow. I really hope she gets better." she says and gently kisses Tally's forehead carefully.

"Hey guys." Parker says as he walks in. "Hey Peter." we all respond. Not in sync of course. "Oh Parker, this is Gabby, Liam, Dani, and Tally's friend. Gabby, this is Parker, my brother." El introduces. "Nice to meet you, love." Parker says and shakes Gabby's hand. "Nice to me-" she stops when she looks up into his eyes. "Hi." she smiles. "Hi." he says and they both giggle, still shaking hands.

"Are we allowed to stay all night?" Parker asks, breaking away from Gabby. "Yes." Em answers. That is one of the perks of being famous.

"I hope she wakes up soon." Zayn whispers while taking her hand into his hand.



So Gabby is played by Mrs.Gabby_Payne<3! Are you guys shipping Parky? (Comment if you have a better ship name)

Two updates in one night! Can I get a virtual high five?! Haha!

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