The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


8. The Real Truth

"What is it?" Xavier asks

"Xavier have you ever wondered why there is no pictures of Blake from when he was younger around the house?" I ask trying to think of a way to tell him.

"Ya, kinda I guess it is kind of weird."

"Do you want to know why?"


"What would you say if I told you the two of us haven't aged since the 1800s?"

"I'd say do you think I'm stupid?" Xavier raises his eyebrows at me.

"Want proof?" I recounter.

Xavier just stares at me.

"I hope you didn't like that mug." I tell Xavier still looking him in the eyes.

He turns his head to the coffie table where his mug of tea that is now in flames. He jumps up and runs to the kitchen.

"Did you have to do that?" Blake ask me.

"Do what?" I ask.

"Set the mug on fire."

"I don't know. How about you try telling him and I'll go get to know your little brother." I try.

"That works." he kisses my cheek, "Can you put that out first?" he looks at the mug.

"Okay." I tell blake.

"Don't freeze it. It's ceramic it'll explode."

"Fine." I huff, "It's out."

Blake opens the door to the kitchen, "Jason and Meagan should be in the backyard."

I nod and walk to the backyard.

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