The Girl With The Octopus Ring

" There is more to me than meets the eye." Bella whispers backing away.
Bella has seen more than most people, but when its time to move again she meets people that might change her family history. She also meets someone that she thought she had lost forever.
Will she find love and keep everything under control, or will she blow her cover and ruien everything her family has done?


6. The Alexzander house hold

My alarm clock changes from 2:59 to 3:00 and the there is a nock on the front door. It's scary how precice Xavier can be. I grab my bag and my phone, then head down stairs. I grab my sunglasses and keys then went to the door. I open the door then lock it behind myself. Xavier walks me to his car and put my bags in the backseat. We get in the car and ride to Xavier's house. He Only lives about five minutes from my house. He lives a few roads over. He pulls into his drive way and we get out. I notice that their back yard is just woods. There is something about the woods that seem oddly fimilar.

"When was tis house built?" I ask Xavier

"Not long ago. Only a few years ago. My older brother insisted we built the house here. why?" Xavier ask grabing my bags.

He opens the door for me and we walk inside. The house  is spacious. When you walk or even talk it echos as if no one is in the house. Xavier sets doen my stuff then calls up the stairs to his siblings

" I want you to meet my family. Well every one except my parents. They're at work."

I just nod and watch two kids come down the stairs.

"Bella these the my younger siblings: Jason, and Meagon."

"Hi." I say waving at them. They wave back.

"Hold on I have to go get my older brother. He doesn't really come out of his room. He's different." Xavier says walking up the stairs leaving me with his younger brother and sister.

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